The Great HubSpot API Key Migration of 2022 - Moving To Private Apps And 2 APIs Sunsetting

Craig Wiltshire | 17 August 2022

Suppose you're a HubSpot Super Administrator, Primary Account Contact or Technical Administrator on your HubSpot portal. In that case, you may have received an email from the HubSpot product team entitled "Important details on upcoming changes to API Keys". Alternatively, your HubSpot Customer Services Manager may have directed you here! Either way, if you're looking for the lowdown on one of the most critical updates to how HubSpot secures the flow of data between your privately integrated software endpoints, then you're in the right place.

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What's Changing And Why It Should Matter To You?


1.The HubSpot API Key Migration To Private Apps.

HubSpot will be retiring API Keys soon; 30 November 2022 is the cut-off. Also, those involved in the technical weeds of HubSpot integration may have noticed that you can't create new API keys.

This is because HubSpot is encouraging us to move to what it calls "Private Apps" to secure our integrations in future. Private Apps offer tighter security and allow more granular control over your integrations and account data than legacy API keys.

Put simply, in the past, when we connected our applications via the traditional API key method, we enabled both read and write access to the integrated software endpoints. Private Apps, however, allow us to control specific read-write attributes granularly. This makes it both more secure and offers developers a better degree of control, especially when compliance is front of mind for so many businesses.


How Will You Know If You're Affected By The API Key Change?

You will need to migrate your API keys to Private Apps wherever they are used for custom integration purposes.

The good news is that "native applications", you know, the ones you integrate via the HubSpot App Marketplace or those you have already integrated via the App Marketplace, remain unaffected.


2. HubSpot Is Sunsetting The eCommerce Bridge API And The Accounting Extension API.

API keys are being sunsetted to make way for HubSpot’s CRM V3 API. Therefore HubSpot is using this opportunity to sunset the eCommerce Bridge API and the Accounting Extension API on 1 December 2022.

The eCommerce Bridge API will need to be migrated to use HubSpot’s latest CRM V3 API. Please note that your triggered emails and workflows associated with the eCommerce Bridge API will also be affected, and other unforeseen issues could arise.

The Accounting Extension API will need to be migrated to use the CRM Cards API.


What Do You Do Next?

The Struto team is here to help.

  1. Book an API validation workshop with Sean and his team to review your integrations and APIs.
  2. Depending on your requirements, they'll propose a resolution service bundle designed to migrate you away from the traditional API key to Private Apps and minimise the risk involved in the procedure.
  3. A remediation project will be proposed if you require migration from the eCommerce Bridge or Accounting API.

What Happens If You Don't Migrate Your Affected Integrations?

Your integration will no longer work after 30 November 2022 and will return a 404 error.

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