Why HubSpot's Price is Right in 2021

In 2021, your CRM, marketing automation and ticketing system can all cost a pretty penny. Luckily, HubSpot has all of this combined in one solution and the price has never been better, meaning your CFO is going to love receiving this invoice.

Read on to find out why, as we explore the cost-saving factors of HubSpot.

8 reasons why HubSpot will be your CFO's favourite invoice

Marketing contacts:

Since October 2020, HubSpot's pricing model for contacts has changed to what we call marketing contacts. Let me explain - when HubSpot first launched as a marketing automation tool, you were charged for each contact. When the HubSpot CRM came along, all CRM contacts were free for CRM users (up to 1million contacts). But if you were using both the Marketing Hub and the CRM you were paying according to the marketing tool's contact pricing. But with the switch to marketing contacts, HubSpot gives you the best of both worlds. You can store up to 1 million contacts in HubSpot for free, and you'll only pay for the contacts you want to market to by way of marketing email or ad targeting.

You are still able to email the free contacts one-on-one (from the CRM) and you still have insight and analytics on all contacts, regardless of whether they are marketing contacts or non-marketing contacts.

Unlimited users

Unlike many similar systems, HubSpot does not bill you per user. You can add as many users as you need, and you only pay for the users who need a sales or service seat.

What's the difference? A standard user will be able to see, edit and communicate with all contacts and have access to the deal and ticket boards, as well as reporting and marketing tools. In Hubspot, you only pay for your customer facing teams, paid seats give them the functionality and automation to manage customer conversation. 

Examples vary per industry, but think about pre-sales, project management & specialists in Professional Services Organizations. Think about engineers, pre-sales teams & implementation, support staff all having access rights to the CRM and its central record of truth. For most businesses ,the costs of 100 pounds / user does not justify the ability to share information. Especially if we talk about 100s of users. 

Because of this, we see with customers that their CRMs are creating a massive roadblock, because with these CRMs it's not profitable to have 1 shared system of truth that anyone can view, edit & contribute to. It creates siloed separate systems & operating methods and is one of the main causes for organizations to have spreadsheets all over the place. 

This is why Hubspot is both economical as well as good value from a user perspective. You only pay for users that get value through the sales enablement & service enablement tools. Every user should have the right to get access to that central system of record and collaborate on that together. A truly collaborative CRM as it was intended. 

Sales enablement tools

The paid seat structure also means your sales enablement tools are built right in and you don't have to purchase another solution to manage these tools, further reducing your software stack's costs that would typically be $50 per user or more. This includes an outbound calling solution, as well as templates, a meeting scheduler, email tracking and PDF tracking. All these tools help your sales team adopt and use the system.

CPQ tools

HubSpot also includes CPQ tools like quotes and product libraries. The quoting tool includes functionality like eSignatures and integrates with Stripe to allow you to add payment links to quotes. 

Using HubSpot quotes not allow saves you money from having to add yet another solution to your tool stack (which generally costs between $50 and $100 per user), but it also gives you the ability to track the status of quotes from within the CRM in each contact's record. 


Having all of these tools in one place has another benefit: it makes it easier for your reps to manage and thus requires less time spent on administration. In fact, HubSpot was built with the specific purpose of reducing the time sales and customer service reps have to spend on inputting data and finding information. This not only saves you money by reducing the time your team spends on admin, but also removes the need to have a software-specific administration position in your company. 

Agile solution partners

For the areas you do need administration or consulting support for, HubSpot's network of partners is unmatched (and we're not just saying that because we are a partner...)

Our partners are more affordable and flexible than partners of systems similar to HubSpot and their skillsets range from supporting you with the software, to assisting you with marketing campaigns, to implementing technical requirements like integrations or migrations.

Plenty of app partners

On top of an ever-growing network of solution partners, HubSpot also has a large network of app partners, all conveniently listed in their App Marketplace. Connecting these partner apps is as easy as clicking a button, with the majority of these integrations being free, reducing your costs even more. 

Some popular integrations that are free, include Salesforce, Zoho, Zoom, Freshworks, RingCentral, Outlook and Gmail.

Free support

And last, but not least, HubSpot Support is included in the subscription price, unlike some of HubSpot's competitors who are known to charge between 10-30% of your total license fee to get access to their support team. HubSpot offers 24/7 support coverage, globally and give you a variety of ways to self-help and various channels to reach support. 

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