Book Your API Validation Workshop:

Understand what's involved and get the certainty and peace of mind you need.

Book Your API Validation Workshop

If you’d like the certainty that your business will not be affected by the HubSpot API Key to Private App migration, which comes into effect on 30 November 2022, then book your API Validation Workshop now.

As a bonus, we will determine whether you will also be affected by the eCommerce Bridge API Migration or Accounting Extension API sunsetting, which comes into effect on 1 December 2022.

What are my options?

We have spoken to several companies running HubSpot and the folks at HubSpot themselves, and based on that, we are offering two options to help companies like yours:


Option One: The Peace of Mind Review

You’re comfortable making the changes yourself but would like someone to validate those changes to lessen the migration risk in a live review workshop format. We’ll ensure you’ve followed best practices and advise you during the session.

Cost: £490


Option Two: The High-Level Scoping And Impact Option

This workshop caters to companies that want to understand which API keys need to be migrated to private apps. We will provide a high-level scoping session to determine which APIs are affected by the move to private apps and the impact. As a bonus, we will check whether you will be affected by the sunsetting of the eCommerce Bridge API or the Accounting Extension API.

Cost: £490

So what's the next step?

Sean Fowles, our Head of Pre-Sales and his Systems Integration team will make the necessary commercial and administrative arrangements with you to get your 60-90 minute session booked.

Fill out the form to register your interest.

We will propose a fixed-price package to migrate your legacy API keys to private apps should you require us to do that for you. Migration from the eCommerce Bridge and Accounting Extensions API will require further scoping as implementations may be non-standard.