A Guide to Buying HubSpot:
How to buy HubSpot for every business.

A Guide to Buying HubSpot

HubSpot is quickly cementing its space as a complete solution for inbound marketing, analytics, and customer management, among others. It is easy to see why HubSpot is growing in popularity.

That said, buying HubSpot for your business is no small enterprise. Business executives must put much thought into their goals and the HubSpot packages, pricing plans, and hubs that will best serve them.

This whitepaper outlines a comprehensive guide on how
to buy HubSpot for every business.

The guide looks at:

  1. Defining your goals and requirements
  2. How to choose your HubSpot solution
  3. How to purchase
  4. Choosing an onboarding partner
  5. How to start preparing for journey into HubSpot

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3 Ways to Succeed with HubSpot

You’re on a journey and it will take time to get towards your destination. And just as you think you’re getting there something new is going to come along and change everything. Sound familiar? Our three managed and support services are designed to let you augment your team with the right level of support in the right areas to help you maximise your success with HubSpot.

Struto Guided Onboarding

Struto onboarding mirrors the onboarding you would receive from HubSpot and follows their methodology. If you want to get your hands dirty and have the time to do so, it's for you. Time to realise value is less important to your business.

HubSpot to CreditSafe
Struto Accelerated Onboarding

We’ll create a structured program for you that focuses on all your agreed outcomes and the timeframes for execution. The goal is to set you up for success quickly and thoroughly by training you on all the required HubSpot tools to accelerate your time to realising value with HubSpot.

HubSpot to MS  Dynamics
Struto Advanced Implementation

We’ll work through our lifecycle service process to build a flexible onboarding experience that scales to support your more complex requirements. Our Scope It. Plan it. Do it. Run It. process will ensure your business, operational and technical requirements are met.