8 Benefits of using HubSpot Inbound Marketing for your Business

HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing and automation software platform that allows businesses to execute, manage and measure all their inbound marketing activities. Essentially, it's everything you need to run successful campaigns with no hassle.

So many businesses looking to take new marketing campaigns to the next level are trying out inbound marketing as an alternative to the traditional outbound marketing strategy they’ve been following for years. Marketing has shifted dramatically over the last 10 years, and business owners have been challenged to adapt and thrive within this new marketing environment. Choosing the right platform is how you start seeing the results you’re chasing and finding more qualified leads. HubSpot uses the information from all your online activities and provides you with data to drive your future campaigns and activities.

Quite often, content marketers, strategists or business owners do their research and know what they need to achieve inbound marketing success. Obstacles often present themselves when implementing these new measures. When faced with large volumes of scheduling and data collection activities that help guide inbound success, they find themselves fumbling. A platform like HubSpot gives you an automated approach to managing difficult tasks, such as scheduling and data collection. The insights gleaned when using HubSpot give you clarity regarding how your marketing efforts are faring.

How HubSpot helps your company's marketing thrive

1. It's all-in-one

It's undeniable that everyone likes a simple solution to a problem and that having the right tools for any job makes life infinitely easier. HubSpot simplifies inbound marketing significantly by putting all the tools you'll need in one place. HubSpot's solution takes care of everything including blogging, lead nurturing right down to analytics.

2. It takes social to a new level

Social media is a vibrant and vital part of any inbound marketing strategy. It can also be painful to execute amid the hustle and bustle of day-to-day activities within a business - but without consistent communications, engagement and posting, its value is void. The secret to staying on top of your social media is to schedule your Tweets or posts ahead of time, so they're running in the background when you're too busy to spend time on them. HubSpot's got a great social media calendar and scheduling system with excellent visibility that makes executing social media a breeze.

3. It boosts lead tracking and conversions

You'd be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn't care about generating, tracking and converting leads. After all, leads often translate into revenue, making them incredibly valuable for any company looking to grow. HubSpot offers an arsenal of weapons in the fight to optimise your lead generation, nurturing, tracking and converting. Using these tools, you can get a thorough overview of how visitors are arriving on your site, what types of search engines they used, what they're doing while they're there and how quickly they're leaving. This are all very useful information checks for ensuring your site is optimised.

4. It makes SEO easy

SEO can come across as a daunting subject, littered with complicated analytical data, difficult tools to master and a horde of factors to consider just to get it right. HubSpot has a wealth of tools to help you track keywords and improve your site's ranking, as well as put out content that is SEO-friendly as well.

5. It allows you to edit your website

HubSpot makes website additions and changes accessible to everyone, without you having to hire employees with an agency, web design or development backgrounds. It's possible for you to create webpages with ease, add modules to your layout and fill in content effortlessly.

6. It's got an integrated CRM

HubSpot's integrated CRM facilitates better customer relationship management. It does so by integrating with your social media accounts and website, making it possible to track what visitors are doing on your site. It will tell you how your leads are responding to your site and drawing valuable information from your contacts' social media profiles. It simplifies communication between you and your contacts, making exchanges seamless and efficient.

7. It helps you keep up your content creation

Content is king in the inbound world and requires consistency to be most effective. HubSpot allows you to create blog posts and schedule them in advance, taking the pressure off you to constantly keep your hand on blogs during the day-to-day rush.

8. It's analytical

Data-driven marketing is the way forward and HubSpot facilitates all the data collection you could ever want or need, to guide your marketing, and more importantly prove its value and ROI. Gathering the most important metrics has never been easier!

If you’d like to find out some more about how HubSpot can be a game-changer in your business, then check out our 115 Ways to Grow your Business checklist.



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