A Guide to Struto’s HubSpot CRM Migration Solution

Considering a switch to HubSpot CRM is not an easy decision to make. CRM migrations are significant, but change doesn’t have to be so challenging. With a detailed plan for the migration, the benefits will far outweigh the challenges.

Some of these benefits include:

  • A unified system for your customer-facing teams: Your team doesn’t have to log into multiple systems every day. They can do it all in HubSpot.
  • Improved adoption through ease of use, without sacrificing power.
  • Analytics on everything enables you to make data-driven decisions and ultimately improve business insights.
  • Quick implementation of changes with the need for a technical developer.
  • Improved customer experience ensuring all data is in one place. Detailed information for every element of every client account allows your team to deliver a relevant and customised experience to each of your prospects and customers.

Are you still questioning the switch to HubSpot? Here’s HubSpot’s experience on their migration from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM:

“If you find yourself thinking that you’ve invested so much time and money in a system that it might be too hard to walk away, just know that’s a normal feeling. It’s a feeling we felt for months and something we debated. Ultimately, we ripped the band-aid off, and put our hard hats to do the grunt work — it was one of the best decisions we’ve made.”

Fundamentally, you need scalability, reliability, and improved insights to support sales rep and sales manager adoption of a new CRM. We ensure all of that with our HubSpot CRM migration solution.

The primary goal of a CRM migration is to standardise the sales process through the use of a single platform. In doing so, we consolidate all contact and company data. Additionally, we consolidate the technology stacks used by employees across marketing sales and customer service through partner software integrations.

Migrating from Salesforce to HubSpot is achieved through technology, people and process.

Our Solution 


Most CRM systems are complicated, and using them properly requires a lot of manual work from the sales team, who usually don’t see equal value in return. CRMs that are just databases don’t offer insights into customer activity. From your website, social media, or other communication channels used to interact with your company, insights are valuable in identifying your next move.

With these realities in mind, in 2014, HubSpot launched HubSpot CRM, designed to work seamlessly with the HubSpot marketing product, sales-enablement tools, and Customer service suite (the Growth Suite).

Struto has rolled out HubSpot’s Growth Suite to provide your business with a unified platform that will connect and align your marketing and sales teams to your customer services teams seamlessly.

The platform will transform the way you engage with customers and prospects alike. It will support a modern, digital go-to-market, engineered to deliver exceptional customer experiences. From start to finish, the customer experience will be more consistent and engaging.

The Growth Suite will enhance marketing through the generation of more leads. Sales will be able to close more business. Customer service will be able to retain more customers.

Core to this long-term vision is a focus on sales first. Sales team success is dependent on a standard process. With the deployment of HubSpot, your team will have a unified platform for all sales activities.


The sum is greater than the whole. With Struto and HubSpot 1 + 1 = 3. Struto has worked closely with HubSpot for eight years to make our clients’ websites, marketing, sales and customer services perform better. Meet our team to learn about our experience


Struto will follow our proven, lifecycle service-based approach “Plan it. Do it. Run it.” 

Our core leadership team refined this method over the past twenty years, deploying complex technology solutions, including hardware and software around the globe.

The process will ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business goals, including your technical and operational requirements. With this understanding, we guide you on a journey that will transform your business. The process ensures that the phased approach to deploying the HubSpot platform minimises the impact on day-to-day business. At the same time, we set the milestones that we will follow together until your vision comes to life.

Naturally, the process also puts in place the support mechanisms that ensure ongoing success for your teams, as they come onboard. We’ll continuously learn, adapt, and optimise the deployment making sure the solution achieves your goals. This implementation becomes integral to future strategy.

Selecting the right solution partner for your HubSpot CRM migration

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