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Reaching New Heights: Training for Epic Techspedition + World Record

Tamryn Waters | 28 May 2024

Our very own CEO, Craig Wiltshire, is no stranger to a challenge, and this time he's taking his love of adventure to new heights - literally! Craig is training for a grand Techspedition later this year, during which he'll take part in a team World Record attempt for the highest bike ride. He recently returned from his first trip to Nepal - an epic trek in the Himalayas, which served as the perfect training ground for the upcoming ITHQ Techspedition in September.

The Stats + Incredible Facts

We love stats at Struto. So, we thought we would share some incredible facts about recent Craig's Himalayan adventure:

Plus Symbol 9 Months of Training: Dedication and preparation are key for any challenge, and Craig has already put in 9 months of training to get his body ready for the Himalayas.

Plus Symbol230km on Foot: The journey wasn't easy. Craig has pushed his limits to cover an astonishing 230km through the breathtaking Himalayan terrain.

Plus Symbol12,000m Uphill: The Himalayas are aptly named. Craig conquered a staggering 12,000 meters of elevation gain throughout his trek.

Plus Symbol+-25°C: The Himalayas are a land of contrasts. Craig braved temperatures ranging from a pretty warm 25°C to a bone-chilling -25°C.

Plus Symbol52L of H2O + 74 Eggs: Keeping his energy levels up was crucial. To fuel his adventure, Craig consumed 52 litres of water and powered through 17 bowls of RaRa noodles and a whopping 74 eggs!

Plus Symbol6,189m Peak: The cherry on top? Craig successfully summited a challenging 6,189-meter high mountain, namely Island Peak!

Plus SymbolAge is Just a Number: And most impressively, Craig achieved a remarkable feat - becoming the oldest client his climbing guide, Asmit, has ever led to the summit of Island Peak in his 3 years of guiding! This is a true testament to the fact that age is no barrier to achieving your goals.

Craig Mountain 4

Epic ITHQ Techspedition + World Record

Craig's incredible Himalayan adventure was just the beginning. With only three months left until he returns to the Himalayas for the ITHQ Techspedition, this trip was the perfect preparation. The team are aiming to raise funds towards tech and educational equipment for Tenzing Norgay School, one of the world’s most remote schools in Kagkot. They’re also aiming to smash a world record for the highest bike ride during the Techspedition @ 7,246m.Adventure Flyer

Craig and the highest bike ride team will be hosting ‘A Night of Extreme Adventure’ in June, where adventurers Neil Laughton – multi-world record holder, Tim Maw and Paul Clarke will be giving talks surrounding their adventures to date.

The team at Struto are incredibly proud of Craig's dedication and know he'll conquer this next challenge too. We can't wait to share more details about the Techspedition and Craig's attempt at the world record in the coming months. In the meantime, here are some breathtaking snaps that Craig took on his adventure.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Craig Mountain 3

Craig Mountain 1

Craig Mountain 2

Craig Mountain 5Craig Mountain 6

Craig 7

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