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Successful Migrations: Solving the 4 Most Common Data Migration Problems

Nsovo Shimange | 24 June 2024

Moving data from one system to another is a necessary evil for any business looking to update or switch their software. The road to a successful migration is often paved with potential pitfalls, from technical glitches to compliance issues. Understanding these common problems and knowing how to address them can save time, money, and headaches. In this article, we’ll dive into the top 5 data migration problems and explain how we at Struto help solve them to ensure your migration process into HubSpot is as smooth and efficient as possible.  

Problem 1: Technical Issues 

Technical issues are one of the most common hurdles in data migration projects. These problems can arise from software incompatibilities, system errors, or unforeseen technical glitches. For instance, the source and target systems may have different data formats or structures, leading to complications during the transfer. 

How We Solve This at Struto: At Struto, we conduct an analysis of your existing systems and HubSpot to identify compatibility issues. We use advanced migration tools and thorough testing phases to ensure a seamless transition. Our team’s technical expertise ensures that potential glitches are addressed proactively, minimising any disruptions.

Technical issues

Problem 2: Data Loss and Corruption 

Data loss and corruption are serious risks during a migration. Unexpected issues can lead to incomplete data transfers or corrupted files, causing significant disruptions to business operations. 

How We Solve This at Struto: We test a sample of the data in a sandbox before we do a full data migration. This provides added surety that the data will transfer without any hiccups. We use robust and reliable migration tools to ensure the integrity of your data stays intact throughout the process. Post-migration checks help us confirm the accuracy of the data in HubSpot, ensuring no loss or corruption has occurred.

Data Loss

Problem 3: Regulatory and Compliance Challenges 

Navigating regulatory and compliance challenges during data migration can be complex, especially for businesses in highly regulated industries. Failure to comply with legal requirements can result in severe penalties and loss of trust. 

How We Solve This at Struto: Struto stays on top of relevant regulations and compliance standards. We use tools and processes designed to meet and often exceed these standards to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, providing you with peace of mind around security and compliance.

Compliance Challenges

Problem 4: Disruptions and Downtime 

Disruptions and downtime are significant concerns during data migration, as they can impact business continuity and productivity. Extended downtime can lead to frustration among employees and potential loss of revenue. 

How We Solve This at Struto: We have refined our processes to have almost zero downtime. With complex migrations, we may plan to do the cut-over during off-peak hours or weekends to minimise disruptions to your business. In the rare case that this does happen, we communicate clearly with the relevant stakeholders about the migration schedule and expected downtime as a priority.

System Downtime


Data migration is a complex process with several potential pitfalls, but understanding and addressing these common problems can lead to a successful transition. By anticipating technical issues, ensuring data integrity, preventing data loss, staying compliant with regulations, and minimising user disruptions, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with data migration.  

If you're planning a data migration into HubSpot and want professional assistance to ensure a smooth process, consider reaching out to us and booking a call to discuss your data migration needs and get expert guidance. 

Download the data migration checklist. 

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