The what, why, when and how of a HubSpot Portal Audit

As a frequent HubSpot user and administrator of our own HubSpot portal, I can tell you from experience how messy and underused some portals are! If you ever feel underwhelmed by the impact HubSpot has on your marketing, sales and service, a portal audit might be just what you need to help you identify ways to get more value from HubSpot.

This blog explores what a HubSpot portal audit is and why you would benefit from one. 

What is a HubSpot Portal Audit?

A portal audit is a comprehensive review of your HubSpot to assess your usage and performance and identify opportunities to increase the impact HubSpot has on your bottom line. 

At the end of a portal audit, you receive a set of recommendations on how to manage, use and implement the HubSpot tools more efficiently to improve your marketing, sales and service performance. These recommendations could vary from simple quick-win items (like start using HubSpot Snippets) to more intense processes, like pivot your content strategy to include topic clusters.

The recommendations will be ranked in order of impact level and you'll be able to start checking each item off the list, starting with the things that will have the highest impact on your performance. 

It's always fun comparing your performance and progress to when the audit was first conducted - so be sure to keep a close eye on your metrics as you implement the recommendations.

Why do you need a portal audit?

It helps you optimise your existing setup

  • You went through the HubSpot onboarding when you first bought HubSpot, but the tools and functionalities of HubSpot are updated so frequently, you might have been left behind. A portal audit is a way for you to identify where things have changed and fix the gaps. 
  • For example, when Struto first signed up for HubSpot, AMP did not exist. Today, there is a specific AMP section in the blog settings where you can customise your AMP display. 
  • The same scenario could apply to multiple other areas, including brand colours, contacts pricing and tool setup and could be costing you time or leads. 
  • Your initial onboarding would also have covered the setup of your deal and ticketing pipeline and any pipeline automation. A portal audit reviews whether or not this setup is still working for you and helps you optimise your process or finds opportunities to further automate manual steps. 

It helps you get more value from your HubSpot subscription

  •  HubSpot brings with a significant CAPEX or OPEX investment and you need to show ROI if you expect your board to keep investing in it. And if you purchased Pro primarily for workflows, or Enterprise for Revenue attribution, there may be tools in your subscription that you aren't using or are not even aware of. That means you're paying for stuff you don't use and don't get ROI from... 
  • A portal audit will take a look at what tools you are currently using, identify ways to use it better and give you recommendations on how to do it. Not only that, but it also identifies tools or functionalities that you are NOT currently using and suggests ways you could implement it at your business. 
  • My philosophy is that if you're paying for something, use it as much as you possibly could. That way your chances of getting ROI from it are greater and you're able to prove the value of it easier. 

It helps you manage your HubSpot more effectively

HubSpot has a very agile product update and feature release schedule and has evolved so much in the last two to three years that the management of it is becoming more and more complex. A portal audit will identify opportunities to improve your management of HubSpot, with recommendations like implementing a naming convention, change management process or user management system (all three are highly recommended!). 

When is it time to perform a Portal Audit?

1. You feel you aren't getting the maximum value from HubSpot

2. Your marketing, sales or service performance is stagnating.

3. Your HubSpot is a complete mess and you can't find anything

4. You've had a staffing change and no-one knows what is or isn't set up in HubSpot

5. You don't think you are using HubSpot correctly

6. You want to know how your HubSpot usage stacks up to other users

7. You need an expert to give you guidance on best practices for using and managing HubSpot tools

How do you get started with a HubSpot portal audit?

Chat to one of our growth advisors through the live chat at the bottom of your screen - simply select "Talk to a human". Our growth advisors will be able to ascertain whether you need a portal audit, and give you pricing and next steps depending on which HubSpot subscription you are. It's as easy as that!

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