Top 5 HubSpot CRM Integrations your Team Needs for Success

Estee Hall | 8 October 2020

As thehighest-rated CRM, according to G2Crowd, HubSpot takes the cake for making your sales team’s lives easier. No one should be surprised at the intuitive integrations available to enhance the user experienceWhile your CRM should be the primary source of truth in your software stack, it needs to communicate with other platforms, to keep the CRM data up to dateHubSpot has many integrations that truly allow it tbecome the central hub of your sales software. HubSpot CRM integrations eliminate the need to jump between multiple software platforms. Seamless connectivity between platforms, automated actions, and increased functionality in a single interface are reasons enough to get your sales tools integrated as soon as possible. 

In this article, we explore the top five CRM integrations that we recommend you connect without delay. 

Calendar & Email Integrations 

Coordinating meeting times and keeping track of emails in your already busy world can get crazy. The HubSpot CRM integration with your calendar and email makes it that much easier to stay on task.

Simply link yourGoogle or Outlookaccounts, both email and calendars, creating a two-way interaction. Emails you send from your email client will be logged in HubSpot, and the HubSpot add-on in your email account will provide access to your HubSpot templates, sequences, and productivity tools to make sales reps even more efficient.  

Traditional means of scheduling meetings often entail several back-and-forth emails for availability since calendars are rarely accessible outside of an organisation. With the HubSpot Meeting Scheduling App, its a piece of cake, allowing contacts to schedule during available times without the back and forth, or hassle of rescheduling. Integrate your calendar to share a meeting link that shows your availability and automates invites and reminders to contacts.   

Accounting Software 

Accounting platform integrations are critical to seamless and efficient operations. Avoid multiple download and sync exercises and minimise opportunities for missing or lost data by integrating your growth platform with your accounting software. 

HubSpot has made this easy through their integrations withXeroQuickbooks,Sage Accounting, NetSuite, and similar accounting platforms. 

significant benefit of integrating your accounting platform with HubSpot is to keep your team aware of the payment status of their accounts in real-time. Between real-time cash flow reports and one-click reconciling, your team can do business on the go. 

HubSpot and your accounting platform keep your contacts synced, assisting with invoicing as well as prospecting within organisations 

Ecommerce Integrations 

The HubSpot CRM integrations for E-commerce bring data from platforms such asShopify, Woocommerce, andMagento into your HubSpot account. When connecting these platforms, data from existing and new customers is shared between the e-commerce platform and the CRM platform for seamless communication, giving you access to pertinent information.

Using this data can help drive more sales. The data can be segmented by the customer, region, and products, creating intuitive reports to indicate marketing opportunities for sales teams to use. This integration makes it easy to create targeted engagement strategies based on customer interactions. 

Calling Software Integrations 

Connecting your CRM with your calling software gives you the ability to make phone calls from your CRM with one click. Calls placed through the CRM get logged in the contact records and give you the ability to record and transcribe them. Tracking information to identify what type of call you made (sales connect call, customer support call, etc.) gives you reporting functionality to analyse and improve your conversations. 

By giving you the option to call from within the contact record, the calling integrations give your team easy access to all the data on the contact that they need for a successful call 

Our favourite calling integration is RingCentral, with integrations with AircallCallrail and Uberconference also available. 


The HubSpot CRM integrations for Prospecting tools help assure you have the means to optimise your prospect list. Integrations into partner platforms such asLinkedIn Sales Navigator, Prospect-IO, andOrgChartHubare great ways to get the step up on successful prospecting. 

Integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you the power to send InMail directly from within your CRM and gives you more insights into your prospect. It can show you recommended connections and leads and who might be able to introduce you to them and can help you find other leads at the same company 

OrgChartHub’s integration lets you build out an organisational chart on your prospect companies, allowing you to visualise key people in an organisation, and map who you have and have not reached out to, straight from with your  CRM. 

The integration with automatically creates deals in HubSpot when a prospect performs specific actions, based on what you set as essential actions. This streamlines your sales process and saves time for your sales reps.  

If youre as excited as we aretake a look at theother integrationsHubSpot has to offer. HubSpot takes the worry out of sales, maintaining organisation, and keeping client data synced between multiple platforms. Time is wasted whenever your sales reps need to switch between software platforms to find what they need or update multiple platforms.  

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