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Top 5 Systems Integrations Problems and Solutions

Nsovo Shimange | 4 June 2024

When it comes to modern business operations, synchronised communication between different software systems isn't just a convenience - it's a necessity. Systems integrations stand at the heart of this, enabling seamless communication between multiple disparate systems, from CRM platforms like HubSpot to ERP solutions such as SAP or Salesforce. However, as essential as these integrations are, they don't come without their challenges. 

At Struto, we've worked with numerous businesses to streamline their digital ecosystems, and through this, we've identified recurrent patterns in the challenges they face. Whether it’s dealing with data discrepancies or navigating security concerns, each issue holds the potential to disrupt operational efficiency and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. 

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the top five systems integration problems we've encountered and the strategic approaches we employ to overcome them. 

Problem #1: Inconsistent Data Formats and Standards 

One of the most pervasive challenges in systems integrations is the inconsistency of data formats and standards across different systems. When your CRM speaks one “language” and your ERP another, the resulting confusion can lead to data mismanagement, loss of critical information, and significant delays in data processing. This not only hampers the day-to-day operations but also affects decision-making and strategic planning. 

Data management

How we at Struto Overcome this Problem: 

We tackle this challenge head-on by employing middleware solutions like StrutoCORE, designed to act as a universal translator between systems. Our approach starts with a comprehensive assessment of the data structures in each of your existing systems. We then implement data standardisation processes to align them, ensuring that data flows smoothly and consistently across your business ecosystem. 

Furthermore, StrutoCORE is equipped with customisable mapping tools that allow for precise control over how data is translated and transferred between systems. This means whether you’re integrating HubSpot with SAP, Salesforce, Sage or any other platform, we ensure that the right data is formatted correctly and placed precisely where it needs to be. This not only improves data accuracy but also enhances the efficiency of data-dependent processes, helping you maintain a single source of truth across your organisation. 

Data management 2

Problem #2: Inadequate System Compatibility 

Another roadblock that pops up during systems integrations involves compatibility issues between newer, cutting-edge software and legacy systems that have been foundational to operations for years. These compatibility issues can result in inefficient workflows, increased error rates, and even complete system failures if not addressed properly, posing a significant challenge in maintaining operational continuity. 

Compatibility issues

How we at Struto Overcome this Problem: 

To address system compatibility issues, our system integration solution serves as a bridge between old and new technologies. We understand that sunsetting legacy systems isn't always feasible or financially viable. Instead, we focus on enhancing the interoperability of these existing systems with new software applications. 

Our team of experts works closely with you to understand the specific needs and constraints of your current systems. We then tailor StrutoCORE to accommodate these nuances, ensuring it can connect disparate systems effectively. This customisation may sometimes involve creating specific adapters or connectors that respect the unique data handling and processing requirements of each system. 

By ensuring compatibility through tailored integrations, we help businesses leverage their historical data and existing investments in technology while still capitalising on the advancements in newer software solutions. This approach not only preserves the integrity of your data but also streamlines your operations, setting a stable foundation for future growth and innovation. 

Team working 1

Problem #3: Poor Data Quality 

Poor data quality is a significant issue that can sabotage any systems integration effort. Inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated data can lead to faulty analytics, misinformed business decisions, and decreased customer satisfaction. These data quality issues often stem from discrepancies in how different systems capture, store, and manage information, making consistent and reliable data integration a challenge. 

Poor Data

How we at Struto Overcome this Problem: 

At Struto, we recognise that the foundation of effective systems integration is high quality data. We work with the client to ensure data validation is conducted prior to the integration process. Furthermore, through StrutoCORE, we are able to standardise, verify, and enrich data across systems during integration to prevent poor quality data from affecting your business operations. 

Our approach may include involving our Platform Enablement Team to train your staff on best practices for data entry and management. By empowering your team with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain data quality, we help enhance and sustain the health of your data ecosystem long after the integration has been completed.  

Organising Data

Problem #4: Security Vulnerabilities 

Security is paramount when integrating multiple systems that handle sensitive business and customer data. Security vulnerabilities during integration can expose your systems to data breaches, unauthorised access, and other cyber threats, potentially leading to financial and reputational damage. 

Risk Security

How we at Struto Overcome this Problem: 

We prioritise the security of your data and systems as a core component of our integration services. Whether your data resides in the cloud or on-premises, our team is committed to ensuring that your data remains secure. This includes the signing of NDAs and operating in enterprise-class hosting environments that comply with leading industry standards, such as ISO 27001.  


Problem #5: Lack of Skilled Personnel 

Successfully managing systems integrations requires a specific set of skills and expertise that many organisations find challenging to source internally. The scarcity of skilled IT professionals who understand both the technical and strategic aspects of systems integration can lead to prolonged project timelines, increased costs, and suboptimal system performance. 

Frustrated employee

How we at Struto Overcome this Problem: 

Recognising the gap in necessary skills many businesses face, we’ve built out a team of system integration specialists and back-end development expertise required for seamless systems integrations. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who specialise in complex integration scenarios, offering a depth of knowledge that spans multiple platforms and industries. 

By partnering with us, you’ll gain access to our seasoned experts who act as an extension of your team. We take the burden off your internal staff, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities while we handle the intricacies of the integration process. Our specialists work closely with your stakeholders to ensure that every aspect of the integration aligns with your business objectives and operational needs.  

Team working 2


Navigating the complex landscape of systems integrations can seem daunting, especially when faced with challenges listed above. However, with the right approach and expertise, these obstacles can be effectively managed and even turned into opportunities for enhancing your business operations. 

At Struto, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions that address these common problems head-on. With StrutoCORE, our robust systems integrations platform, we offer not only the tools but the strategic guidance to ensure your systems integration is a success. Check out our case studies webpage for examples of the integrations projects we’ve successfully conducted for our current and previous clients. 

If you're ready to take the next step towards streamlined and secure systems integration, don't hesitate to reach out. Book a call with one of our advisors today and discover how we can help you turn your systems integration challenges into wins for your business. 


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