What is Objective Based Onboarding?

Sade Mbambo | 12 June 2023

Objective based onboarding is a customised hand holding approach where we show you how to use HubSpot for your business. It is designed to set you up for success where each session is tailored to the objectives your organisation has for its CRM. It is vital that your goals and objectives are factored into the onboarding project as this provides direction and ensures that you realise HubSpot’s value for your business.


Let’s start with what objective based onboarding is…

'Objective based onboarding' serves as a strategic guide to help your business set up and implement your processes based on the objectives you want to achieve. We work with you to help you become acquainted with your new CRM as a user, equip you with best practices to optimise your current efforts and ensure you are guided in alignment with your objectives.



What to expect...

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Kick off call:

You will be introduced to your Onboarding Specialist, an explanation of what to expect in terms of the process and planning of the onboarding sessions.

Onboarding project roadmap:

Your HubSpot portal will be updated with tasks that align with your goals and objectives to ensure your CRM is set up for efficiency and ready for your processes.

Tasks and implementation:

You will have 3 sessions aimed to tackle your objectives. Your tasks will be grouped according to your objectives and these are expected to be implemented by your chosen HubSpot champion within your organisation before the next session. You will be guided on navigation and the importance of each task.


Ongoing support is available from your onboarding specialist throughout the duration of the onboarding project should you have any questions or challenges along the way.

Growth plan and wrap-up call:

At the close of onboarding, we have a final review call to go over your experience and provide recommendations to set you up for long-term success.

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Let’s define your objectives

After a successful conversation with our Sales Team, your objectives would have been briefly defined to ensure that we work into planning your onboarding project. Your objectives are essentially your business goals or efforts around Sales, Marketing, Service and overall Operations. Think of HubSpot as the place to manage your data and the relationship it has with your business processes.


Pointers to help you define your objectives

  • Identify pain points in existing processes.
  • Look into how you wish to streamline existing processes.
  • Is your data segmented correctly?
  • Consider automating certain processes to make sure your team has more time to be productive.
  • Are there new strategies you would like to implement?
  • Evaluate reporting and tracking


Typical objective examples are

  • Data management and segmentation.
  • Deal pipeline management and automation.
  • Ticket and survey automation for your customer service department.
  • Campaign management for all your newsletter outreach and marketing information.
  • Social media and ads setup.
  • Analytics and reporting.


In addition, you can explore this article to guide you in defining your objectives: Onboarding Goals.

Remember that having objectives plays a major role in guiding the focus of your onboarding. Without these, your onboarding has no end goal.

Hubspot onboarding technical guidance

How it works: Onboarding and technical guidance

Once your objectives are discussed and defined in a kick-off call, we move forward with putting your project in motion by creating customised tasks in your HubSpot portal to help you achieve your objectives. At this stage, you will work with a dedicated Onboarding Specialist who will hold 3 objective-focused sessions either weekly or bi-weekly (duration may be up to 90 days) to guide you on how to implement these in your CRM to ensure you are on track with the implementation and set up.

You will be guided on the “how” and the “importance” of each task to ensure you apply these accordingly to achieve your goals. You will also have access to ongoing support throughout the onboarding process. No question is too small!

With objective-based onboarding, your team will be responsible for implementing any configurations in your HubSpot account. Our team guides you in what to focus on by providing the context required, but we do not build or implement anything in your HubSpot account. It’s vital that you appoint a HubSpot champion to work with your onboarding specialist and that they have the time required to implement any strategies or processes in HubSpot. Without this focus, your goals won’t be achieved!


Let’s talk about the benefits…

  • Customised learning and tailored guidance.
  • Support.
  • Access to best practices and optimisation tips.
  • Enhanced user adoption journey.


Apart from the guided onboarding experience, your onboarding success is measurable through the achievement of your objectives. Your adoption and usage journey is enhanced in a way that you are knowledgeable enough to create strategic customer experiences in your CRM. At this stage, there’s definitely no stopping you from reaching new heights!


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What determines the conclusion of your onboarding project?

The growth plan stage is essentially the wrap-up of your onboarding project and helps you prioritise what you should focus on next. This means we have completed all onboarding sessions and implemented your processes in HubSpot to meet your objectives.

In this call, we review all sessions, the progress that has been made and what has been implemented successfully. We then conclude the project. The process does not end there; since this is the start of your HubSpot CRM journey, you are then handed over to your Customer Success Manager at HubSpot who will be available at the end of the project for any ongoing support you will need.



So, your onboarding journey has ended but your HubSpot CRM journey has only just begun, with your Customer Success Manager as your go-to resource, you still have the option to reach out and request further in-depth training to ensure you continue to realise your CRM’s value. The onboarding process is your first departure point and the same HubSpot partner is able to help you further with a more customised project if and when required.

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