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A Fine HubSpot x SAP Business One Integration for FINE+RARE

Teresa Short | 6 March 2024

Fine and rare logo

Originally a platform-agnostic organisation, FINE+RARE appointed Struto as their systems integration partner as they looked to scale their business and integrate their chosen ERP software, namely SAP Business One with a customised CRM for a more robust and streamlined software stack.


FINE+RARE Wines (F+R) is an e-commerce platform that specialises in the sale of fine wines and spirits, as well as offering cellar and portfolio management. Established in 1994, they have a global presence with offices located in London, Napa, Hong Kong, Singapore and Milan. Their comprehensive services also include an online trading platform, private cellar management, authentication, climate-controlled bonded storage, worldwide shipping, and exclusive events.  

FandR_ PHOTO-2018-11-30-13-55-20-1


F+R were platform agnostic, not tied to a specific platform and open to solutions. F+R sent out an RFP as part of their digital transformation. They were seeking a systems integration partner who could support all their digital needs and present a solution that would enable them to grow, expand, and adapt to their business requirements. 

Struto submitted an extensive proposal that addressed all of F+R's requirements, showcasing our ability to support them in all aspects of their digital transformation. Struto was ultimately chosen by F+R, and by extension, the HubSpot platform was implemented as part of the solution we presented. 

One of the key selling points of Struto’s proposal was the ability to integrate HubSpot with SAP Business One, which was F+R's chosen ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This integration would streamline their operations and allow them to operate more efficiently, making it easier for them to manage their business and grow in the long term.  

 SAP on laptop-min


The scope of the RFP was substantial, covering a 2-year period. The solution was to implement the requirements of the RFP in 4 phases: 

Phase 1 - During a 6-month phase, the business critical requirements for the ERP & CRM were to be implemented to ensure business continuity.  

Phase 2 - The focus of this phase was the integration of the ERP & CRM systems. Furthermore, a reporting tool was linked to the ERP, CRM, and bespoke systems. The dependency for this phase was that CRM & ERP had already been implemented. 

Phase 3 - The remaining functionality of the ERP & CRM, such as HR and Marketing, was implemented during this phase. Additionally, a Documentation Management System (DMS) was established and linked to the ERP and CRM. The dependency for this phase was the integration of CRM & ERP, including the bespoke system. 

Phase 4 - The final phase focussed on cashflow and expense management, as well as fine-tuning the reporting tool.  

 Infographic 4 stages phases F+R

Although the onboarding process went smoothly, the data mapping process proved to be more challenging than initially anticipated. Struto had envisioned a standard data sync between SAP and HubSpot but there were additional requirements, for example, F+R has catalogue software that required HubSpot to be integrated in a very specific manner to surface information rather than a regular and straightforward data sync. 

The F+R team were also new to HubSpot as it was their first time being exposed to the platform. To overcome this, Struto hosted training sessions with them and created training videos covering various aspects so that F+R are able to onboard new people effectively in future. 

At the onset of the project, F+R were still discovering the power of what was possible with HubSpot, resulting in changing requirements as the project went on. Both parties have been dedicated to finding the best solution and have been flexible in implementing change requests ensuring that the project progressed smoothly. 



As part of the integration project, Struto replaced F+R’s legacy systems with HubSpot and delivered a comprehensive customised CRM platform.  

With their new platform in place, they are now able to track client communications, support requests, tickets, and sales all in one place. This provides their team with a wealth of data insights that can help them make more informed business decisions. 

With the integration project finalised, the relationship between Struto and F+R has developed into a closer collaboration, giving Struto deeper insight into F+R's business requirements, allowing them to provide more targeted and effective support.

wine glass celebration blue-min 

FINE+RARE now have a fully integrated CRM where support requests and communication can be tracked. Furthermore, their chosen ERP system SAP B1 has been integrated for seamless efficiency with HubSpot. FINE+RARE's tech stack is now aligned to largely mainstream best-of-brand software in connecting their major business-critical platforms and they have de-risked their business operations in doing so. 

Struto has implemented the most scalable version of the HubSpot platform by way of iterative review and update of the F+R requirements.  

By bringing HubSpot to the fore as the single source of truth for customer engagement, Struto has further supported the other solution stakeholders in aligning their data models to lean on HubSpot for this purpose.  

While there are some unique or new elements implemented for the F+R team to allow their overall technology stack to function together, as much alignment to native processes as possible has always been the primary drive.  

Operations Hub, and the use of custom objects in HubSpot have been instrumental in allowing the shape of the customer and supplier base to exist in HubSpot as per FINE+RARE's requirements.  

 Fine and rare future-min

Future scope 

Struto continues to provide ongoing support and optimisation to F+R. 

As HubSpot release new features and updates, Struto will continue to provide ongoing support and assistance to F+R in rolling out and implementing these new features. For instance, F+R's e-commerce site is currently built on Shopify, but they plan to migrate to a custom-built solution, and Struto will be providing the support to ensure that it is a seamless transition.  


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