Empowering Quality Clouds with a Custom Service Hub Onboarding

Sacha Holmes | 21 March 2024

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Struto’s implementation of HubSpot gives Quality Clouds unparalleled visibility over their business operations, empowering them to scale with confidence.


Quality Clouds is a leading quality control management SaaS (Software as a Service) company, headquartered in London, with offices in Barcelona and the USA. Founded in 2016, this global leader in cloud software optimisation has been empowering businesses worldwide to achieve peak performance from their cloud solutions.

Quality Clouds addresses the challenge developers face with Salesforce, ServiceNow and Microsoft Dynamics deployments. They are at the forefront of SaaS deployments and are setting industry standards for development and quality assurance.

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Quality Clouds continues to scale and serve a growing global clientele, the company recognised a critical bottleneck in its operations with the management of its customer lifecycle, from sales through to customer success and advocacy. They previously used Monday.com and Google Forms to manage their sales, services and customer success processes but required a more formalised approach as the company expanded.

Recognising the limitations in the disjointed nature of these tools, the company were in search of software that could consolidate their customer lifecycle management, track their customer satisfaction and improve the overall customer experience.

They purchased the HubSpot Service Hub Pro package and had advanced onboarding requirements to meet their migration timescales and support their rapid growth. Their objective was to automate the sales to service handover process and better manage their customer experience through data consolidation.

One of the primary challenges Quality Clouds faced was the complexity of aligning HubSpot Service Hub Pro with their existing technology stack, specifically Freshdesk for ticketing. Ensuring seamless data flow and functionality between these systems required extensive planning and technical expertise.

A secondary challenge was the need for them to transition their “traffic light” system to monitor customer health, into HubSpot. This required significant customisation of the HubSpot platform which extended beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of the software.

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HubSpot recommended Struto to provide consultancy and strategic services to meet the client's needs. Struto offered strategy, configuration, and technical support for HubSpot Service Hub, including:

  • Customer lifecycle management – from onboarding to nurturing relationships, quality control and contract renewals. Struto configured workflows in Service Hub to formalise Quality Clouds’ sales, service, and support processes.

  • Customer health management – Struto implemented the traffic light system, which Quality Clouds use to gauge the health of their customers, across a series of customised properties and left-hand sidebars. The team are now able to surface and view the health score of each customer and have clear visibility of product usage, customer success sentiment, value outcomes, sponsor temperature and engagement in HubSpot.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys are now in place to track, measure and report on the customer’s experience at any point in their journey.

  • Reporting - The reporting dashboard allows the team to see each interaction with a customer and measure their customers’ health scores.

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Struto worked with the Quality Clouds’ sales, customer success and growth teams to assist with the set-up and configuration of HubSpot’s Service Hub to meet their objectives. They moved from a disjointed tech stack to the seamless Service Hub to offer a consolidated solution.


Jared Wiltshire"Working with Quality Clouds was a pleasure. We used HubSpot to help Quality Clouds measure their customer's current health status, enabling their Customer Success team to drive improved customer experiences. Quality Clouds now has access to account level insights opening them up to the opportunity to manage and mitigate account-level risk."

- Jared Wiltshire – CRM Administrator at Struto


The Quality Clouds team can now manage and measure their customer lifecycle with a 360-degree view of their customer lifecycle stages from sales to customer advocacy.

In addition, the outcome of the engagement between Quality Clouds and Struto has resulted in:

  • Streamlined customer lifecycle management
  • Enhanced customer health monitoring with clear visibility of customer health
  • Operational efficiency

Struto’s implementation of HubSpot has given Quality Clouds unparalleled visibility over their business operations, empowering them to continue to scale with confidence.

“We decided to move from Monday.com to HubSpot's ServiceHub to make our processes smoother. Struto was excellent in implementing the structure of our Service Hub and in helping us understand how to use it best. Their team were available to answer any of our questions and were brilliant to work with. Highly recommend Struto to anyone looking for help with HubSpot”.

- Henrietta Mitchell – Sales Operations Manager at Quality Clouds



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