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Beyond Boundaries: How Limitless Travel Enhanced Their Operations with HubSpot's CRM

Teresa Short | 11 March 2024

Limitless travel logo
Limitless Travel migrated to HubSpot from their previous CRM, Insightly, as they felt it wasn’t keeping pace with their scaling business. They underwent a high volume data migration, as well as implementation, onboarding and training services with Struto in order to set them up for success with their shiny new CRM.


Limitless Travel was established in 2014 with a mission to make travel accessible for everyone, offering a variety of trips from coach tours in the UK to exotic long-haul destinations. Their commitment is evident in their recognition as the Accessible Holidays Provider of the Year at the Travel Industry Awards 2023.  

This foundation of inclusive travel, coupled with a growing demand for their unique services, necessitated a robust and efficient CRM system to manage their expanding customer base, leading them to HubSpot. 


Limitless Travel’s HubSpot journey began when they felt that their existing CRM, Insightly, couldn't keep pace with their expanding business and diverse customer needs.  

With a unique clientele requiring personalised travel solutions, the need for a more dynamic, flexible, and efficient CRM system became evident so they sought a solution that could not only match their business requirements but also enhance their customer engagement and experience.  

This led them to explore various options, eventually pointing towards HubSpot as a potential solution. Struto were recommended to Limitless Travel by a HubSpot representative as they required a partner to assist in their unique migration, implementation, onboarding and training. 

Limitless Travel also required a short turnaround time in order to hit the timely peak business upturn in the new year and ensure their team were ready to leverage their new tech going into the start of 2024.  

 Limitless travel girl-min


Struto’s solution for Limitless Travel involved the strategic implementation of HubSpot CRM, tailored to address their unique business needs. Struto recognised the complexity of their services and the diverse requirements of their customers and focused on customising HubSpot to meet those requirements. This included leveraging a HubSpot forms API to ensure that all data entered into their booking system is simultaneously captured in HubSpot. 

Struto also onboarded and trained the Limitless Travel team to effectively use the new system as it represented a significant change in their daily operations. 

wheelchair sea


Implementing HubSpot for Limitless Travel was not without its challenges. The primary hurdle was migrating their 500,000 records from Insightly to HubSpot, 75,000 of which were attachments. Unlike other HubSpot partners, Struto prides itself on being able to offer their clients a zero-downtime migration through the use of TruJay. The unforeseen hurdle arose when Insightly’s API caching took longer than initially planned, necessitating a manual migration. This manual process required extensive planning and execution to ensure a seamless transition without data loss or disruption to customer service.

The nature of large file sizes when attachments (PDFs, images, video files etc.) are present will have an impact on the delivery time of any migration. In this case, this was of small concern, but primarily the atypical migration from an uncommon CRM with a limited API was the primary consequence for a short delay. The Struto team stepped in with a plan B and the migration was completed with a delta migration method to ensure no loss of data. 

Limitless travel boy-min


The outcome of implementing HubSpot CRM for Limitless Travel has been transformative. Within 3 months, the new CRM is operational, streamlining their sales processes. Their new, improved data structure in HubSpot has led to increased connectivity and the advanced automation enabled by HubSpot will significantly improve Limitless Travel’s response times and personalised service, contributing to higher customer satisfaction. 

The sales training provided by Struto to the sales team at Limitless Travel will ensure that they are leveraging HubSpot to its full potential. 

Ryan-v2 It was a pleasure to work with Limitless Travel, a company that is making a positive impact on the world. Their commitment to helping their customers was evident and HubSpot is a perfect place to enable great customer experiences. We wish them all the best for their new platform and look forward to seeing how they progress.
- @Ryan Waters, Strategist and Solution Architect at Struto. 


Limitless travel women-min


Limitless Travel had outgrown their previous systems and required a new CRM especially designed for scaling organisations. The migration and strategic enhancements of their CRM system have positioned Limitless Travel for continued growth and success in providing accessible travel experiences, with the ability to scale, which was the main limitation of their previous CRM. 

Struto's CRM implementation of HubSpot for Limitless Travel has brought about substantial improvements. The data cleanse performed during migration has resulted in a cleaner, more organised database, enhanced operational efficiency with a more advanced data architecture, enabling improved management of customer information.  

"Struto's expertise & knowledge of Hubspot was invaluable as part of a challenging migration process due to the large and complex set of data we had to bring across. The whole Struto team worked hard to a short timeline, and in the face of a hiccup or two reacted quickly to overcome any challenges. The training and onboarding support was also very good and helped accelerate our ability to leverage the platform's potential."

- John Mizutani, Limitless Travel 


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