Transforming Allpack’s Digital Identity using Struto’s Templated Website Pack

Teresa Short | 25 March 2024


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A leader in sustainable packaging solutions, Allpack partnered with Struto to provide them with a brand new templated website. With user experience (UX) at the core, the digital transformation has enhanced their brand image, providing a more attractive and user friendly online platform that better serves their business.


Allpack Packaging is a pioneering force in the international packaging industry, boasting operations that span across the UK and Europe. Allpack is distinguished not only by its scale but also by its commitment to innovation and sustainability.  

The company operates multiple manufacturing sites across the UK and Europe, alongside five UK distribution centres and several more throughout Europe, ensuring comprehensive coverage and exceptional service delivery to its vast clientele.

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Allpack's engagement with Struto originated from a pressing need to overhaul its company website. Their website had become outdated and no longer represented the innovative and eco-conscious ethos that Allpack champions. The website also suffered from a plethora of user experience (UX) issues that hindered its functionality and accessibility. 

In seeking a solution, Allpack's criteria were clear: the new website needed not just a facelift but a transformation that aligned with its forward-thinking brand identity and commitment to sustainability. The decision to engage Struto was influenced by Struto's latest CMS theme, which addressed their website needs.

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Addressing Allpack's need for a comprehensive website overhaul, Struto provided them with three website templates that could be tailored to meet Allpack’s specific needs and preferences. This choice allowed Allpack the flexibility to customise the templates and design a website that best represented their brand while ensuring a modern and user-friendly interface. 

These website templates were built focusing not only on visual aesthetics but also on enhancing user experience (UX), layout, and structure, aligning the website’s functionality with the company’s brand ethos and market positioning. 

Andrew headshot(Allpack)"Struto has been an instrumental partner in helping Allpack rebrand its recently launched website.
A professional team who have helped us immensely in implementing and launching the new website within the time scales set and to a predefined budget."

- Andrew Almond, Marketing Manager at Allpack


The project to revamp Allpack's website encountered minimal challenges. Allpack were clear in the vision they had for the website, and Struto delivered the templates that would aid in achieving this vision, ensuring a smooth transition from an outdated design to a modern, user-centric interface.  

The collaboration between Allpack and Struto was marked by effective communication and mutual understanding, which facilitated a seamless workflow and allowed for the project to progress without any significant obstacles. 


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The primary deliverable was a visually compelling, modern website that aligned with Allpack's brand identity and market position. This new digital presence was crafted to attract and engage users, showcasing Allpack's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the packaging industry.  

Improvements in the website's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) were fundamental outcomes of the project. The redesigned website offered intuitive navigation and better content accessibility, making it easier for visitors to explore Allpack's products and services. 

Struto provided ongoing support throughout the project, addressing any emerging issues and ensuring the new website performed optimally. This support underscores Struto’s commitment to client satisfaction and project success. 

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The new website significantly uplifted Allpack's brand image, transforming it into a more modern, user-friendly, and visually appealing online platform. This transformation aligned with Allpack's position as a leader in sustainable packaging solutions, effectively communicating its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. 


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