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HubSpot Data Migration: What It Costs to Move Your Data

Estee Hall | 9 May 2024

As companies grow and technologies change, the need to move data from one system to another may well become a requisite as they scale and outgrow their current software stacks. This is where data migration services become essential.  

Struto stands out in the field of data migration specialists due to their unique pricing approach, tailored specifically to the needs of each project. In this blog, we delve into the intricacies of data migration pricing, offering insight into how data migrations are priced accordingly and appropriately for the diverse range of clients who appoint Struto to work with their business. 

Let's go ahead and explore what makes Struto’s approach both unique and advantageous for businesses navigating the complexities of data migration. 

Data migration 2 Opt

Understanding Data Migration 

Data migration, at its core, is the process of moving data from one system to another. While this may sound straightforward, it's anything but simple. It involves not just the transfer of raw data, but also the careful mapping of this data to new structures and formats. This process is crucial when businesses adopt new software, like a CRM system, or when they are merging and consolidating data from multiple sources. 

The challenges of data migration are many. It requires meticulous planning to ensure data integrity – meaning that the data remains accurate and consistent throughout the transfer. This process also involves the resolution of any compatibility issues between the old and new systems. 

The success of a data migration can significantly impact operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities. Therefore, choosing a reliable and experienced partner for data migration is vital for businesses. 

Estee new headshot-1"Migrating your data securely and accurately is the most important aspect of a CRM migration. Our process de-risks your migration with careful planning, data mapping and a sample migration before completing a full migration to ensure your data is migrated to HubSpot consistently, securely and efficiently. We aim to give you peace of mind and work with you to understand what we are doing at every step of the way, so you are in full control of what is being migrated and where it will be migrated to within HubSpot". 

- Estee Hall, Head of Platform Enablement


Struto’s Unique Data Migration Pricing Model 

One of the standout features of Struto’s data migration services is its pricing model. Their approach is distinct in the realm of data migration, where pricing is often more generalised or based on a flat-rate system. In Struto's model, the pricing is determined by the specific objects, properties, and number of records being migrated. 

This method is particularly beneficial for clients because it offers a high level of transparency. Clients only pay for what they need, making it an economically viable option, especially for businesses that may not need a full-scale data migration. By focusing on individual objects, Struto can also provide more detailed attention to the complexities of each type of data, ensuring a higher quality of migration with fewer errors or issues. 

This approach allows for better scalability. Whether a business is small with limited data or a large corporation with an extensive database, Struto’s model can be tailored to fit varying scales and complexities of data migration needs. This flexibility is a significant advantage for businesses at different growth stages or with different data management requirements. 

Struto’s pricing model reflects a deep understanding of the diverse needs of businesses in data migration. It's a strategic approach that prioritises customisation, accuracy, and client-specific requirements, setting Struto apart in the field of data migration services. 

Diverse Team Brainstorming opt

Factors Influencing Data Migration Pricing 

Several factors influence the pricing of data migration services at Struto, making each project unique in terms of cost. 

Firstly, the current CRM system from which data is being migrated plays a significant role. Different CRM systems may require different migration methods, such as API-based transfers or manual imports, each varying in complexity and resource requirements. 

Though we’ve discussed this above, it is worth another mention. The number of objects being migrated is a critical factor. Each object adds to the workload of the migration process therefore the sheer volume of records being migrated for each object impacts pricing too. More records mean more data to handle, which can increase the complexity and time required for migration. 

The types of activities being migrated, like sales emails, meetings, calls, notes, and tasks, and the volume of these activity records, further influence the cost. Different activity types can have varying complexities and requirements for successful migration. 

Understanding these factors will help your business anticipate the potential costs involved in data migration and allow both parties to plan accordingly for your specific needs. 

FactorsStats Opt

Additional Services and Their Impact on Pricing 

In addition to the core data migration services, Struto offers several add-ons that can influence the overall pricing. One key service is data cleansing, which includes essential steps like email validation and deduplication of data. The cost for email validation is determined by the number of contact records to be validated, while deduplication pricing is influenced by the number of objects that need consolidating, the total number of records, and the number of rules applied for the deduping process. 

Another service is data transformation. This involves converting data from one format or structure to another, such as merging multiple properties to match HubSpot’s data architecture. The pricing for this service is scoped based on the complexity of the required transformations and the volume of data. 

Custom object creation is also a noteworthy service. While Struto handles the creation of custom properties during data migration, migrating data into a custom object in HubSpot, which involves its creation and configuration, may result in additional costs. 

A last factor that may influence the pricing is the recreating of reports from the client’s current CRM into the HubSpot portal. The complexity of the reports and the number of dashboards or reports needed are the primary factors determining the price for this service. 

Each of these add-ons provides significant value to the data migration process, enhancing the final outcome and ensuring a seamless transition to the new system. However, they also add layers of complexity and work, which is reflected in the pricing.  

Data Migration image 3

Why Choose Struto for Your Data Migration? 

Choosing Struto for your data migration needs offers numerous benefits. 

Struto stands out for its tailored approach to each project, ensuring that the specific needs and complexities of your business are addressed. Their data migration pricing model offers transparency and flexibility, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes. 

Struto’s expertise in handling a range of CRM systems, coupled with their comprehensive suite of additional services like data cleansing, transformation, and custom object creation, makes them a versatile partner for any data migration.  

And last but not least, their commitment to minimising disruption during migration, through weekend cutovers, demonstrates their understanding for business continuity. 

In a nutshell, Struto combines technical proficiency with client-centric service, making them a reliable choice for effective and efficient data migration. 

If you're considering a data migration project and want a service tailored to your specific needs, reach out to Struto for a consultation, where they can provide a personalised quote and guide you through their process, ensuring a migration solution that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.  


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