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Better Data. Better Experiences.

Migrating data needn't be a high-risk activity. The Struto team use secure systems based out of the EU.


Attract more, better-fit prospects using innovative tools to target them.

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Engage and convert visitors to leads earlier to speed up your sales cycles.


Close target accounts faster and increase average deal sizes.

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Delight customers to maximise retention, growth, and referrals.

Secure EU Compliant Data Migration

HubSpot data migration services. We securely move data to HubSpot.

When you decide to move to HubSpot, you will inevitably have to migrate a certain amount of data unless this is your first system deployment in a startup.

HubSpot Data migration
Solutions Architecture Design

Types of Datasets

Understand the data

Data could be a spreadsheet your sales team uses to track contacts and deals to large databases in multiple systems.

We have you covered. Over the last 11 years, we have migrated over 100 complex data sets with millions of data points to HubSpot.

Two likely scenarios play out when we migrate data. You must move standard data over to HubSpot or more complex non-standard data. We'll help you understand the approach that's right for you.

We suggest you audit data before you begin our services because you always have more data than you think. We can better help you clean, shape and transform your data once you have collated it.

Option 1

Standard data

Standard data is easily managed using HubSpot's built-in import tool and requires minimal customisation to the data structure in HubSpot.

HubSpot allows us to import standard data against the Contact, Company, Deal or Ticket standard objects without the need to intervene using third-party software or the HubSpot API.

Our team will do a light scoping exercise to clarify which properties will be migrated before importing the data and determining which custom properties will be created.

Option 2

Non-standard data

Non-standard data typically requires third-party software, custom software to be written or the use of an API to import the data into HubSpot.

We recommend creating a roadmap to success before, large or multi-source data migrations. The same is true if you have custom objects you wish to migrate.

Our team will conduct an audit and scoping exercise to clarify the approach and options available to you to migrate your data. 

Migrate your data from legacy systems

Our team can migrate almost any data from any system. There are several options, and they'll work with you to find the right approach.

Centralise your data

By centralising your data and synchronising the correct data in the right direction, you unlock opportunities to integrate your HubSpot with other systems.

Become more data-driven

By migrating your data effectively, you have data that you can rely on. That means you can be confident in making data lead decisions.

Secure data migration

Data migration to HubSpot pricing

Secure, compliant migration of data to HubSpot by a team of specialists.

Standard Data Migration

Our data migration experts will migrate simple standard data sets.

Starting from:


Non-Standard Data Migration

Complex non-standard data migration uses a combination of people skills and specialist software.

Starting from:


All prices are subject to a data audit that may need to be charged for.

Want to know more?
Talk to one of our advisors.

Talk to an advisor

Most engagements with us follow a simple 4 step process

How to engage Struto. Start here today.

Step 01

Talk to an advisor. Set up a call with one of our advisory team to gather your initial requirements, close any gaps in your buyer journey so far and plan our next engagement.

Step 02

Conduct a deep dive. We’ll get the right people from our team on a call with you and your key stakeholders to unpack and capture your requirements in more detail.

Step 03

Build a Roadmap. Our product owners will build a roadmap to your success. They’ll estimate the outputs as epics and user stories with estimated budgets and timeframes.

Step 04

Agree Commercials. We agree the roadmap and sign the statement of work that outlines the spirit of our engagement, the budget and number of sprints estimated to deliver the work.

"Immediately, Struto took an interest, not just in the deliverable, but in our vision and strategic intent. They feel nothing like a vendor and everything like a trusted IT partner with their out-of-the-box thinking and technical savviness"

Kate Wellner

Kate Wellner,
Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer,
Tourney Direct

Innovative HubSpot automation for USA-based sports event organisation

Tourney Direct turned to Struto to assist them in a period of digital transformation; to automate much of their business operations and digitalise processes. The sequential projects were conducted with growth-driven design methodology in mind to allow for maximum business continuity.

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Want to know more?
Talk to one of our advisors.

Talk to an advisor