The Origins of a Technology Lovestack: Better Platforms, Better Business

Craig Wiltshire | 14 February 2024

In our previous post, we delved into the world of frankenstacks, those mismatched, clunky collections of tech tools that businesses sometimes find themselves ensnared in. Now, however, let's pivot to the more harmonious counterpart: Lovestacks. It's time to explore the origins of this term, its implications for businesses, and how it fundamentally changes the game for employees, departments, and overall operational efficiency. 

The Birth of the Lovestack 

The term "lovestack" emerged as a counterpoint to the frankenstack dilemma. Conceived within the walls of Struto, it was born out of the need for a term that embodied the opposite chaos brought on by the dreaded frankenstack – a lovestack is a streamlined, efficient, and harmonious technology stack 

The question we asked ourselves was how do we transition from a discombobulated mesh of technologies to such an idyllic state? And importantly, what should this transformation be called? The answer was simple yet profound: you should love your tech stack... hence, a lovestack. 

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Impact on the People and Processes 

A lovestack doesn't just affect the technology stack; it fundamentally changes how people work, how departments interact, and how smoothly operations run.  

Unlike the disjointed and often counterproductive interactions within a frankenstack environment, a lovestack fosters efficiency, co-ordination, and support among employees. It's about creating a seamless hand-off between departments, embodying the principles of RevOps (Revenue Operations) to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction. 

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Features of a Lovestack 

So, what makes a lovestack? Here are some of its key features: 

  • Efficiency and co-ordination: Operations are streamlined, with each tech piece serving a clear purpose. 
  • Supported employees: Team members understand and are trained on the tools they use, eliminating confusion and inefficiency. 
  • Scalability: A lovestack is designed to grow with your business, avoiding the need for constant, disruptive adjustments. 
  • Cost optimisation: Every piece of technology is evaluated for its ROI, ensuring no unnecessary tech spend. 
  • Single source of truth: In order to reach a conclusion in the event of an anomaly, there should be a beating heart at the core of your tech stack.  
  • Best-in-class software: Each application is chosen for being the best at what it does, tailored to fit the business's unique needs. 
  • Integration: Perhaps most crucially, a lovestack prioritises technologies that can talk to one another; they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle in a seamless integration to create a cohesive and fit-for-purpose ecosystem. 

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The Evolution of Tech Stacks 

It's important to recognise that what constitutes a lovestack for a business might evolve over time. Initially, adopting various software solutions can address immediate needs effectively. However, as a business grows, the quest for a consistent customer experience may necessitate a more integrated approach.  

This doesn't mean that more software equals better; rather, it's about finding the right balance and ensuring that your stack remains fluid, adaptable, and aligned with your business objectives. 

Struto: A Case Study in Lovestacking 

At Struto, we've experienced firsthand the journey from a complex ecosystem of having 42 different softwares to a more streamlined, lovestack-oriented approach. This transition wasn't just about reducing numbers; it was about strategic alignment, integration, and setting a single source of truth that guides everything we do. 

Our brand promise, "Better Platforms, Better Business," is not just a catchy phrase. It's a philosophy that underpins our approach to tech stacks, emphasising the importance of cohesion across websites, sales, marketing, and service platforms. By integrating these areas, we not only enhance our operational efficiency but also deliver a consistently excellent experience to our customers. 

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Conclusion - Embracing the Lovestack Philosophy 

The journey to a lovestack requires a thoughtful assessment of each software's role within your business, an understanding of how different tools can integrate effectively, and a commitment to ongoing evaluation and adjustment as your business evolves. 

If you're intrigued by the concept of transforming your frankenstack into a lovestack, or if you are still in the process of assembling your tech stack and want to do it right from the beginning, we invite you to book a call with us. Our team is adept at navigating these complex waters, helping businesses like yours build a tech stack that not only meets today's needs but is poised for future growth. 

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