Glowing Feedback from GoGlobal: HubSpot Replaces Dynamics for Universal Success

Teresa Short | 22 March 2024


GoGlobal chose Struto to assist them with their digital transformation as they looked to migrate their CRM from Dynamics to HubSpot. By consolidating their tech stack, GoGlobal made a software saving of USD $20K per annum. Read on for the full story.


GoGlobal is an international employer of record (EOR) and HR services organisation, operating in more than 120 countries. The team are widely spread around the world and specialise in working with businesses that are expanding into new regions; hiring team members and providing HR support for their clients who don’t yet have offices or business structures established in these new regions. 




When GoGlobal first approached us in February 2022, they were using Zoho for their CRM and marketing. Their plan was to migrate their marketing to HubSpot and their CRM to Microsoft Dynamics, using the HubSpot native integration to sync leads between the two systems.

Struto onboarded them to Marketing Enterprise, trained the team on the marketing tools and set up the integration with Dynamics. After onboarding, we continued to assist the GoGlobal marketing team with strategies and implementation of key processes. We also introduced them to their HubSpot Sales tools, as GoGlobal had a HubSpot Sales Pro subscription, despite using Dynamics as their CRM of choice at that point.

During our engagements, it became clear that the GoGlobal sales team were met with several challenges in Dynamics and were unsatisfied with the level of support they were receiving from their respective Dynamics partner. Due to our existing relationship and the confidence we have built in helping them roll out the Marketing Hub, GoGlobal decided to migrate from Dynamics to HubSpot CRM with accompanying benefits which solved the friction points they were experiencing with Dynamics.


Struto presented a plan for the migration, and despite this being their second CRM migration within a year, it was met with lots of enthusiasm.


The HubSpot onboarding process with the team at Struto was well-planned and executed. The Struto team did all the heavy lifting and even made the onboarding process fun for our team”
– Martha Gallagher, Director, Marketing and Revenue Operations at GoGlobal.



Struto hosted several workshops with the GoGlobal team, starting with a small group of key stakeholders to uncover their requirements, identify what the GoGlobal sales process looked like, and how their HubSpot portal should be configured accordingly.


Taking their feedback of the systems, Struto developed a project rollout roadmap and presented this to the GoGlobal team. Armed with this document and a thorough plan for future project scope, their key stakeholders committed to a HubSpot CRM migration.

The GoGlobal Account Management team were previously working in SharePoint and Excel spreadsheets. We identified a need to move their existing processes to HubSpot alongside the sales team, which enabled them to use their CRM as the single source of truth for all customer-related data.

During discussions surrounding their tech stack, we found that the sales team were using Calendly to book meetings and RingCentral to place calls. The team were introduced to HubSpot Meetings and Calling - this negated the reliance on unnecessary additional software, consolidated licences and reduced the GoGlobal software spend further. 


Due to the scale of these changes, we realised the project would be a lengthy process. To appropriately strategise the migrations planned so that they would be sustainable and successful, we phased the implementation plan to ensure smooth rollout and reduce risk for GoGlobal



Our starting point and main priority was migrating the sales processes away from Dynamics and onto HubSpot. After configuring the CRM to GoGlobal’s requirements and migrating their data from Dynamics to HubSpot, our next step was migrating the sales team to HubSpot. This would ensure they could stop using Dynamics in their day to day.

With a team spread across multiple time zones and locations, co-ordinating events with various calendar schedules posed a challenge. Hosting training sessions with all sales users present at the same time was problematic. Our approach was to run multiple sessions at different times to accommodate each region and ensure the appropriate knowledge was transferred in-house for all who were to use the new system.




Given that the tools were much more user-friendly and gave them a lot of functionality to improve their productivity, the sales team were very eager and receptive to HubSpot. Not only did the sales team adopt HubSpot eagerly, but it is also saving them countless hours of admin every week.

The feedback from GoGlobal has been very positive:

The Struto team are HubSpot experts and are skilled consultants and trainers. They make me and my team look good – I value their partnership”  
                                                           – Martha Gallagher, Director, Marketing and Revenue Operations at GoGlobal.




GoGlobal’s partnership with Struto has helped them realise a range of short and long-term improvements to their business: 
+  Reduction of software spend by $20K USD per annum 
+  Reduction of admin time through automated workflows 
+  Improved user-friendly interface 
+  Cross-training efficiencies between marketing ops and sales ops 
+ Using one CRM for a single source of truth 
+  Migrating from unnecessary additional tech to a more consolidated stack 
+  Alignment between teams and departments within the business 
+  Employee satisfaction with better user experience  
+  Custom configuration to suit client requirements for long-term use and growth 
+  Clear strategic development roadmap for future-proofing business activity 


Future scope:

Our current relationship with GoGlobal is retainer-based, with the execution of items run in agile sprints. This allows us to manage change easily and efficiently while reducing risk for the GoGlobal team, by identifying key priorities.

GoGlobal is in the process of business transformation, with Struto on hand to support their development, and HubSpot at the core. To date, the journey has already seen positive outcomes both in the short and long term, which only sees acceleration in the next phase, as users become more familiar, and more distance has been travelled along the agreed strategic roadmap.  


Thinking of migrating your CRM to HubSpot?

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