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3 Ways to Succeed with HubSpot

3 Ways to Succeed with HubSpot

You’re on a journey and it will take time to get towards your destination. And just as you think you’re getting there something new is going to come along and change everything. Sound familiar?

Adopting technology like HubSpot and building a platform for success requires 3 things:

  • A strategy and a plan for your digital go-to-market
  • Technology that enables and underpins your plan
  • The people and processes to help you execute that plan

Our three managed and support services are designed to let you augment your team with the right level of support in the right areas to help you maximise your success with HubSpot.

1. HubSpot Team-as-a-Service

HubSpot Team-as-a-Service

Access the talent you need to GSD.
Get stuff done. Your HubSpot administrators, designers and developers on-demand. Access Struto’s HubSpot Customer Success team and the Website Design and Development team. Raise service requests through our HubSpot Service Hub portal and our team will scope tasks for you to sign off and then execute them for you.

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2. HubSpot Adoption-as-a-Service

HubSpot Adoption-as-a-Service

Includes everything in HubSpot Team-as-a-Service.
Get more from your HubSpot software and get stuff done. Once you’ve been onboarded you will have access to HubSpot's support. That’s great if you have small issues but how do you move your HubSpot adoption from your onboarded state to a place where you are consistently extracting value from the technology?

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3. HubSpot Success-as-a-Service

HubSpot Success-as-a-Service

Includes everything in HubSpot Team-as-a-Service and Adoption-as-a-Service.
Get strategic input, direction and project support. We’ll add marketing and website strategists to your team. We’ll work with you in structured quarterly planning cycles to understand your goals, build plans to achieve them, help you execute on these projects if needed and report on the results.

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What will my service cover and how will you help?

Overview: Depending on the service package you opt for you will be able to access the talent needed to help your business deliver across almost all areas of your marketing, sales and service where HubSpot is used. 

Plan for strategic success

Plan for strategic success

Success-as-a-Service provides access to a strategist who will work with you in quarterly planning cycles. They will help you plan multi-channel marketing campaigns that cover the entire buyer journey.

They create strategies for:

  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid advertising
  • Website Scaling and Optimisation (GDD)
Improve HubSpot adoption

Improve HubSpot adoption

You may have recently onboarded with HubSpot or are not happy with the results you're getting with HubSpot. Adoption-as-a-service adds a proactive HubSpot software specialist to your ad hoc support. 

They will help you:

  • Maximise your use across all Hubs
  • Provide actionable intelligence
  • Find opportunities to improve adoption
  • Find opportunities to improve the application of the tools
  • Train and workshop ideas with your team
Access talent-on-demand

Access talent-on-demand

Sometimes you need a little help from a friend. That's why Team-as-Service helps you get things done. Get access to our support portal to raise service requests. We'll process and scope them.

Our team will help you:

  • Administrate your portal
  • Segment and manage data
  • Build workflows
  • Build forms, landing pages etc
  • Fix SEO issues
  • Website updates and changes
Create digital assets

Create digital assets

Content drives your marketing campaigns and sales collateral. Our designers can package that content to create the digital assets you need to attract and convert more leads.

They can produce:

  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Website graphics
  • Animations
  • Video editing
Drive your HubSpot portal

Drive your HubSpot portal

Some companies employ folks internally to manage and administer their CRM to meet the team's day-to-day requirements. Access our teams capacity to provide admin on-demand and keep your team moving.

They can:

  • Segment data
  • Instrument campaigns
  • Build workflows
  • Create landing pages
  • Create emails
  • Build reports
Update your website

Update your website

Your website should constantly be evolving as you respond to the data. You don't always have developers on hand in-house, so why not lean on our team to extend your website functionality or make those timely updates you require.

They can:

  • Develop new landing pages
  • Build new pillar pages
  • Debug issues in your templates
  • Extend your website's functionality
  • Create new email templates
  • Create new page templates
HubSpot Team-as-a-Service

01. HubSpot Team-as-a-Service

Multi-channel digital campaigns require a cross-section of talent to execute on them effectively. You need folks with the skills to create, design and build the digital assets required to execute on your program. You need people to instrument the digital assets by setting up HubSpot so that that they can be deployed effectively. You don’t always have these skills in-house or sometimes you need to flex.

The marketing team needs to put together campaigns and run the different channels. Your sales team needs sequences created, collateral developed and tools created to enable them. Your services team needs support creating the right service experience for your customers.

This means you need Team-as-a-Service. Access our talent pool when you need to and get stuff done.

  • Get Value From HubSpot Faster.
Access Talent on Demand

Access talent on demand

Access our HubSpot Customer Success team, our designers and website developers when you need to.
Use them to access:
  • HubSpot Administration on demand
  • Creatives and designers to build digital assets
  • Website developers to build new pages and fix issues
Delivery manager

Delivery Manager

Talk to a human. A delivery manager operates our service desk with direct access to our teams and you, more importantly. They’ll process and scope your service request before getting the work signed off by you.

Wherever possible, we’ll provide a fixed price to you so you can manage your budget.

Delivery done by hour

Delivery done by hour

You pre-buy hours that we use for delivery. The more hours you buy, the lower the cost per hour. We’ll draw down on those hours as we do work for you.

Your delivery manager will always scope work before we do it, so you have the peace of mind you need to manage your pool of hours.

HubSpot Adoption-as-a-Service

02. HubSpot Adoption-as-a-Service

If you’ve recently onboarded with HubSpot and want to take your adoption to the next level, or you have been running HubSpot for some time and feel you’re not extracting the real value from your investment, then this service is for you.

We add a dedicated HubSpot specialist to your delivery team. They will run a monthly workshop with you and your internal team to review your adoption path in line with your goals. They’ll provide insight into where the opportunities lie to extract value from your platform and help you report on and monitor your success as you create better digital connections with your prospects and customers.

  • Get Value From HubSpot Faster.
HubSpot Specialist

HubSpot Specialist

Get a dedicated HubSpot Specialist on your delivery team. They’ll help you extract more value from HubSpot across the entire CRM Suite.

Talent on Demand

Talent on demand

Access our HubSpot Customer Success team, our designers and website developers when you need to.

Resource Manager

Delivery manager

Talk to a human. A delivery manager operates our service desk with direct access to our teams and you, more importantly. 

Delivery done by hour

Delivery done by hour

You pre-buy hours that we use for delivery. The more hours you buy, the lower the cost per hour. We’ll draw down on those hours as we do work for you.

HubSpot Success-as-a-Service

03. HubSpot Success-as-a-Service

The goal of your digital go-to-market is to create great customer experiences across every digital touchpoint of your buyer's journey so that you attract more leads, close more customers and drive greater client lifetime value.

Success with HubSpot starts with a strategy and plan that challenges the technology and all its features to work for you. This is true multi-channel marketing. Marketing, sales and service work together to grow the business by creating customer-centric experiences for every stage of their buyer journey from the first click on your website to the latest service engagement.

  • Get Value From HubSpot Faster.
Success strategist

Success strategist

A dedicated Success Strategist will work with you. They can help you focus on what matters when it comes to achieving your goals. They are well versed in multi-channel digital marketing and can help you plan and execute sophisticated digital campaigns.

Bring together Inbound marketing, content marketing, account based marketing, conversational marketing, SEO and PPC with website optimisation and scaling.

HubSpot specialist

HubSpot specialist

We believe that success comes when you push the boundaries of your platform. Use it all to maximise the outcomes. 

This is why we have baked Adoption-as-a-Service into your retainer. Get a dedicated HubSpot Specialist on your delivery team. They’ll help you extract more value from HubSpot across the entire CRM Suite.

Delivery Manager

Delivery manager

A dedicated delivery manager will form a single point of contact for you. Your delivery manager will communicate weekly with you and will run any projects where we are delivering for you.

Your delivery manager is your go-to for all things success bringing together the whole team to deliver for you.

Quarterly planning cycles

Quarterly planning cycles

Your Strategist will work with you, typically around quarterly planning cycles. We find that planning campaigns and programmes beyond a quarter is difficult in today's fast-changing environment.

They deploy our lifecycle services approach to scoping and planning your programme based on your goals. This means their deliverable is a project plan that we can jointly execute based on your programme budget.

Delivery done by hour

Programme budget

We have split your budgets so that there is clarity around deliverability and accountability. You will require a programme budget to deliver on the output of your quarterly planning sessions. You will use a separate budget for ad hoc requests.

We don't work with fixed price delivery retainers for monthly work, as the reality is that companies don't work that way in times of rapid change. Our approach means we tailor the output to your available budget per quarter.


Ad hoc support

Ad hoc support

We have built our Team-as-a-Service option into your retainer to cover you when you need things done on the fly. This means that those unforeseeable jobs that pop up when you least expect them can get done without impacting the delivery of your Success-as-Service programme.

You will have access to our support portal and raise up to 7 requests per month. These requests will be scoped and delivered from your pre-paid hours pool.

A guide to buying HubSpot

A comprehensive guide to buying HubSpot for every business
Download Guide

What will it cost?

It takes three things to come together to be successful with a digital go-to-market. A solid digital strategy, technology to underpin the strategy and people with the experience and skills to execute your digital strategy. Most organisations don't have all three.

That's why we have services that bring all three together or allow you to choose the one right for you.


Your retainer provides you with access to a support portal to raise tickets requesting tactical execution by our team.

Your delivery manager will engage with you to scope the request. The base retainer includes scoping up to 3 tickets per month.

Delivery is executed by using your prepaid hours (bought separately). 

Starts at £250 p/m



Your HubSpot Software Specialist will run a monthly workshop with you, outline opportunities to improve your adoption, and report on previous actions.

You will also have access to Team-as-a-Service. The base Adoption-as-a-Service retainer includes scoping up to 5 tickets per month. 

Delivery is executed by using your prepaid hours (bought separately).

Starts at £1,250 p/m



Your Strategist will work with you to scope and plan quarterly multi-channel programmes. Programme delivery is from a separate programme budget.

You will also have access to a HubSpot Software Specialist and Team-as-a-Service for ad hoc support.

Ad hoc support includes scoping up to 10 tickets per month—delivery of ad hoc support executed by using your prepaid hours (bought separately).

Starts at £3,000 p/m



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