Create connected experiences powered by HubSpot and CreditSafe.

Connect HubSpot to CreditSafe and create connected user experiences that save your team time. Surface any Creditsafe data in HubSpot as an informational card or automate actions based on CreditSafe data.

The Right Data

Define rules around how data is collected and managed.

The Right Time

Surface data when your users or your customers need it.

The Right Place

Choose where data is sent between systems and in which direction.

The Right Way

Secure, enterprise-class hosting in the cloud or on-premise.

HubSpot to CreditSafe

We integrate HubSpot with CreditSafe.

StrutoCORE is enterprise-class middleware hosted by us or you in your private cloud and connects HubSpot to CreditSafe.

integrate with goals in mind

Control the outcomes.

Creating great customer experiences from the first time someone clicks on your website to your latest human engagement or digital touchpoint is hard. 

It requires a 360-degree view of the customer, but most companies grapple with siloed, disconnected data sets across the organisation, meaning:

  • Team members inefficiently switch between different systems to fulfil their daily operational workflows

  • Duplication of effort because data captured at one touchpoint does not seamlessly flow to the next

  • The RevOps team struggle to understand, report on and, therefore, proactively shape the customer experience

Your RevOps team cannot deliver predictable growth unless they take control of the data that underpins the platform and, therefore, the buying experience.

Robust middleware

StrutoCORE HubSpot to CreditSafe integration.

StrutoCORE is middleware we manage in our secure, ISO 27001 compliant, enterprise-class cloud hosting facility. If you prefer to host a version of the StrutoCORE in your environment for compliance reasons, we can accommodate that, too.

StrutoCORE is not an online widget used to hack together your business-critical data or an off-the-shelf plugin with limited capabilities and only capable of syncing standard objects.

StrutoCORE is entirely customisable and can connect almost any data to HubSpot.

StrutoCORE works with HubSpot Operations Hub and the HubSpot API, allowing us to connect HubSpot to CreditSafe instances.

Developed by in-house consultants

Our StrutoCORE CreditSafe connector has been co-developed by in-house consultants to be fit for purpose.

Flexible by design

StrutoCORE has options to customise your integration beyond the restrictions of most pre-built connectors.

Scalable by design

StrutoCORE is built to scale as you grow and add further integrations.

Secured in the cloud or on-premise

StrutoCORE can be hosted by you or us in our secure, managed cloud infrastructure.


Take control of your data. Here's how we connect HubSpot to CreditSafe.

Step 01 - Build a HubSpot to CreditSafe project roadmap

While we run Scrum, an agile project management process to deliver your integration, we know that having a project roadmap helps manage your expectations and budget. We have integrated HubSpot with CreditSafe multiple times and learned that one size does not fit all. The roadmap provides direction and boundaries to work within based on what we understand about your environment at this stage.

Step 02 - Architect

Our Platform Development squad will work with your stakeholders to validate the assumptions made during the roadmapping process.

Step 03 - Deploy

Our Platform Development squad will customise and deploy your customisations to StrutoCORE to meet your objectives.

Step 04 - Adopt

Our Customer Success team will work with you to understand the potential of your integrated system so that you extract maximum value from your investment.

Step 05 - Optimise

We will continually add functionality to StrutoCORE to optimise your integration and add new features so that you can extract even more value long-term.

Solution Support

We provide access to our support desk to answer any first-line queries you may have.

HubSpot to CreditSafe

What should you budget for your HubSpot to CreditSafe integration?

No one customer’s data structure is the same as another. No solution can stand still once it has been deployed. You should budget to deploy the initial solution and make sure that the solution is fit for purpose as your requirements evolve. RevOps Teams are currently pushing at the forefront of a digital evolution.

Setup, Customisation & Onboarding

This is the estimated budget in your roadmap to cover the architecture, deployment and adoption phases of the solution lifecycle.

Starting from:


Monthly Subscription & Support

This is the estimated monthly budget to access support and continue to cover your StrutoCORE license.

Starting from:


Talk to an advisor to get a keener idea on your required budget.

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Talk to one of our advisors.

Talk to an advisor

Most engagements with us follow a simple 4 step process

How to engage Struto. Start here today.

Step 01

Talk to an advisor. Set up a call with one of our advisory team to gather your initial requirements, close any gaps in your buyer journey so far and plan our next engagement.

Step 02

Conduct a deep dive. We’ll get the right people from our team on a call with you and your key stakeholders to unpack and capture your requirements in more detail.

Step 03

Build a Roadmap. Our product owners will build a roadmap to your success. They’ll estimate the outputs as epics and user stories with estimated budgets and timeframes.

Step 04

Agree Commercials. We agree the roadmap and sign the statement of work that outlines the spirit of our engagement, the budget and number of sprints estimated to deliver the work.

"Immediately, Struto took an interest, not just in the deliverable, but in our vision and strategic intent. They feel nothing like a vendor and everything like a trusted IT partner with their out-of-the-box thinking and technical savviness"

Kate Wellner

Kate Wellner,
Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer,
Tourney Direct

Innovative HubSpot automation for USA-based sports event organisation

Tourney Direct turned to Struto to assist them in a period of digital transformation; to automate much of their business operations and digitalise processes. The sequential projects were conducted with growth-driven design methodology in mind to allow for maximum business continuity.

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Want to know more?
Talk to one of our advisors.

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