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Nine years of helping HubSpot agencies, like yours, around the globe, win new business and retain more customers


Focus on what you're awesome at

Now is not the time to get mixed up in technical or development projects when they are not core to your offering.


Do more stuff with fewer resources

It requires a broad and deep set of skills to deliver on your digital strategy, and your service offering depends on technical and development talent.


Offer new services right now

Your clients are demanding, and they expect you to be an expert in everything. Build new services that can be delivered confidently right now.


Be more than a marketing agency

When budgets get tight money goes out of marketing and into other areas of the business. Help your clients in other ways.


Get better results for your clients

We know it feels like you're hamstrung working without the right tools in place to automate or extend HubSpot so that you can realise your vision.


Position your agency better against the competition

Play to your strengths when bidding for new business but make sure you have the technical angles covered off.

3 Areas where Struto can help your agency


Website design and development

Over the last nine years, we've helped agencies from North and South America to Europe, Australia and New Zealand deliver websites to their clients. Helping your client move from their old site to the HubSpot CMS is a great way to help both your agency and your client get more from the HubSpot platform. For you, it simplifies access to the website so that you can quickly action your client campaign requirements and easily update the site as you react to changing market needs. As a bonus, it helps you become more sticky, and your client gets all the benefits of HubSpot's all-in-one approach. 

Great if your agency:

  • Needs to win a website build to win the bigger retainer
  • Is frustrated that your client's current website is hampering your ability to execute quickly
  • Have won a client where HubSpot have migrated the old website to HubSpot's CMS, and it isn't easy to update as a result
  • Have won a client with a legacy HubSpot site and you want to change it
  • Need help supporting other CMS's like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal
  • You just need something technical done quickly

HubSpot technical integration

HubSpot's value goes beyond marketing, sales or service as the data it stores can be shared with other applications across the organisation. Using HubSpot to drive other parts of the business could deliver even more value to your clients. As companies become more introspective today, they'll be looking for ways to use technology to play a part in making them more efficient and increase their performance in a tough environment. You can help deliver that value.

Great if your agency:

  • Is looking for ways to drive value to a business beyond just marketing, sales or service tools
  • Sees value in connecting multiple applications to HubSpot to help create and innovate in your service delivery
  • Is looking for an experienced team to work with on anything from using tools like Zapier or PieSync to complex custom written API's

Adhoc requirements

We get it. Sometimes you just need a hand. Running an agency means dealing with fluctuating revenue and resourcing requirements and hiring is not always the answer, especially today. Our Cape Town based team is ideally placed to turn things around for you quickly. 

Great if your agency:

  • Needs on-demand help from design to development or anything HubSpot related
  • Is not a HubSpot agency (we work with folks who don't necessarily want to become a HubSpot partner)
  • Is a small team or consists of a single principle who love strategy but doesn't want to do the doing


Customer Stories

"As a digital marketer with a good sense of design, look and feel, though with limited coding skills, I found the process of implementing and building an entire new website from scratch with the Wasabi template and the Struto team to be a positive experience beyond my expectations. The team at Struto has your back. Prompt replies, above-and-beyond type of service mentality, immediate action and problem-solving. Look no further than Struto."

Kalle Kortelainen - Director, Custodian Content

"It was great working with the Struto team. From the get-go, they were keen to ensure the design and overall concept for the look and feel of the site met our expectations and aspirations. Extremely responsive, they showed great patience as our business priorities evolved and it impacted approvals from our side. I thoroughly recommend Struto, if you're looking for a clean, modern and meaningful website."

Caroline Harrison - Marketing Director, 360Globalnet

"Right from the beginning, we knew that we had made the right choice with Struto. Their expertise was clear and they really took the time to understand our needs and explain how the entire process would work. The whole team are experts at what they do, from the designers to the development team and were always on hand to answer any questions we had. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Struto to other companies who really want to take their website to the next level."

Rebecca Steele - Head of Marketing, AES International

”Over the past nine years, we’ve helped build over 100 custom HubSpot websites and have helped over 600 HubSpot customers build their websites using our templates and themes.

Naturally, we learned a thing or two along the way”

Rebecca Steele - Head of Marketing, AES International

Why partner with us?


We've been a HubSpot Partner for nine years, and in that time we've seen the technology evolve immensely. Many agencies don't have the time, inclination or resources to keep up with that rate of change. That's where we can help. 

Our background is in technology, be it website development or integration and customisation. We have always maintained a depth of technical capability and understanding within the company.

  • We are technologists with many years of technology deployment, software solution architecture and development experience
  • We are marketers who were amongst the first HubSpot partners in the UK (HubSpot Partner since 2012)
  • We are business people who take the time to get to know your business

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"The first point in building a wonderful customer experience is confirming the various parts of the journey are either in play or planned for. Our team is ready to help you scope out this journey and advise on the solutions required to amplify not only your customers' but your own experience too."

Sean Fowles - Head of Sales and Pre-Sales