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    A fully customisable connector for bespoke integrations.


    A fully customisable connector for bespoke integrations.


    A customisable connector for Sage 50, 100, 200, 200C and X3.


    A fully customisable connector for bespoke integrations


    Surface credit information inside HubSpot on a card against a record.

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HubSpot's Content Hub: Empowering Marketers with AI Content Creation

Teresa Short | 12 April 2024

April 2024 sees the evolution of HubSpot’s CMS to their all-in-one, AI-powered Content Hub. This powerful, industry-leading marketing software aims to help marketers create and manage content that propels the whole customer journey.

The Evolution of HubSpot CMS to Content Hub

As businesses are shifting their operations to be more data-driven they need a single source of truth to drive their operations. Whether it is in your sales, marketing or customer service department, the role of content marketing has evolved, and the tools required to generate and manage the right content has changed too. Business platforms, known as digital experience platforms (DXP), consist of a technology stack that supports these operational needs. Having a streamlined and automated approach to business operations has never been more pertinent to keep up and compete in an (overwhelmingly) digitally advanced landscape.

Across the whole customer journey, content is key to driving brand awareness, buyer consideration, retention and adoption. Content Hub enables businesses to propel the entire customer journey with an arsenal of tools to create and manage content with a single source of truth.



  • Drive revenue
  • Increase ROI
  • Save time and increase team efficiency

The key benefits of Content Hub aim to boost your revenue by utilising tools designed to facilitate the creation of tailored content experiences throughout the customer journey. Streamline processes, save time, and enhance team productivity with centralised content management and operations.



  • Create Content
  • Manage Content

Create AI

Create Content

Easily create personalised content experiences that drive engagement across your entire customer journey using the new Content Hub creation tools.

  1. Website Builder
    Create a minimal website or microsite using the codeless drag-and-drop functionality.
  2. AI Blog Post Generator
    Generate blog ideas, keywords, titles and content in less time using the AI blog post generator.
  3. AI Image Generator
    Create blog post images that are royalty-free and match your content.
  4. Post Narration
    Produce audio versions of your blog post, with a customisable human voice to maximise your reach by better supporting content preferences.
  5. AI Translations
    The AI translation tool assists in assuredly translating your content into multiple languages in one click!
  6. Brand Voice
    Easily program the AI assistant to use your unique brand voice to create new, AI-generated content in the same tone that your customers know and trust.
  7. Content Remix
    Repurpose your content for multiple channels in just a few clicks.
  8. Podcasts
    The AI-lead podcast tool enables effortless podcast creation to repurpose your content and extend your reach to those with audio content preferences.
  9. Smart Content
    Customise your content for specific verticals or segments based on CRM data, without the need of a developer.
  10. Landing Pages & Forms
    Build landing pages and forms with the easy drag-and-drop editor to gather data about your visitors, delight your audience and convert them into customers.
  11. CTAs
    Easily create CTAs without a designer. Serve relevant CTAs based on CRM data and effortlessly track and test what is working.
  12. Chatbots & Live Chat
    Enhance your website visitors' experience by automated information sharing and lead capturing.
  13. HubSpot’s App Marketplace
    Host engaging video content with Zoom, On24, and HotJar. Connect HubSpot with content management systems, like WordPress and Webflow to deliver engaging web experiences. Produce captivating design assets directly within HubSpot using the Canva app.


Manage Content

Manage content at scale from a single source of truth.

  1. Video Management
    Manage your video content in the same centralised hub where your web content lives. Seamlessly embed videos into content, with the addition of Forms and CTAs directly from the module. Access and analyse your video data.
  2. SEO Recommendations
    Optimise your content for search based on the SEO recommendations tool. The SEO tool identifies content issues and gives tips on how to fix them.
  3. Content Embed
    Easily create content blocks for your WordPress website inside HubSpot, and then add them directly from the WordPress editor to make updates in one central hub. Target your audiences with personalised content—informed by HubSpot’s SmartCRM—on your WordPress site.
  4. Dynamic Content
    Save time by using CRM objects or HubDB to create pages with ease. Build dynamic elements such as product listings, real estate catalogs, employee directories, and more to facilitate content management. Make updates in one place and have them automatically reflected across all impacted content.
  5. Memberships & Gated Content
    Use Members Blog to generate higher quality leads through exclusive blogs and protect premium content from AI scrapers. Personalise experiences for individual visitors and create specialised access through custom portals, event platforms, and other tailored experiences.
  6. Content Library
    Streamline prospect and customer access to your content with a centralised repository. Drive engagement through private access to additional content. Protect content via login only access to exclusive content, including audio and video.
  7. Content Approvals & Partitioning
    Establish content governance with the right approvals and permissions in place. Easily collaborate with team members to request changes or grant approvals directly in HubSpot. Keep irrelevant assets out of view to keep teams focused and efficient.
  8. Multisites
    Host multiple websites within the same HubSpot account to manage your brand at scale. Serve the right experience to the right customer across your brand with different websites to support them. Monitor and analyse the performance of multiple websites.
  9. Analytics & Custom Reporting
    Evaluate the impact of marketing efforts across various channels. Create contact attribution reports that identify top-performing pages for lead gen. Make data-informed content strategy decisions.
  10. Cookie Management 
    Build trust and show transparency by allowing visitors to control their data preferences. Tailor cookie consent banners and manage preferences in HubSpot. Improve user experience by empowering informed decisions about data tracking.
  11. Premium Cloud Hosting
    Confidently scale content while maintaining fast load times and reliability. Host pages and files on infrastructure that includes SSL, CDN, WAF, and 24/7 threat monitoring. Protect against threats with advanced and regular security updates.
  12. Features IT will Love...
    Create interactive web elements that leverage CRM data, serverless functions and more. Promote accountability and seamless collaboration across multiple teams using activity logging and SSO. Leverage reverse proxy configuration to build out content on the HubSpot platform – while serving that content to visitors on a non-HubSpot-hosted domain.

Cloud servers


As you would expect from HubSpot, the pricing of Content Hub comes in tiers. From the Starter version at $25 per seat, Pro at $500 that will provide you with 3 seats, up to Enterprise level which comes in at $1,500 for 5 seats. See the below infographic for what you get with each tier.

Content Hub Pricing

How Does Content Hub Affect Current CMS Hub Customers?

If you are an existing CMS Hub customer, do not fear! You won’t be negatively affected by the launch of Content Hub. You’ll still have access to all your current CMS Hub features. However, you will not have access to the new Content Hub features, unless you decide to move to the new platform. Please feel free to reach out to one of our advisors to discuss your needs, should you wish to start using Content Hub.

Comparison Table Content Hub

Marketing Hub + Content Hub = Marketing+

Marketing+ is the only complete solution that unites the power of content marketing with world-class lead generation and marketing automation tools.

Marketing Content

Are you 'Content Hub Ready'?

If you need more out of your content and ready to launch a bespoke digital experience for your customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders, why not consider StrutoSPHERE. StrutoSPHERE builds on the tools available with the advent of Content Hub to provide superior digital experiences for users.

Features include a Learning Management System (LMS) for educating users, a Community Management Portal (CMP) allowing users to communicate with your brand and with each other, a Resource Centre – a library filled with learning material and assets, and a Self-Service Portal where your customers can serve themselves.

craig-Nov-08-2023-01-06-10-0939-PM"HubSpot has changed the game with the launch of Content Hub. Where in the past the HubSpot CMS also ran in a world of WordPress-dominated websites, they have shifted their focus onto the marketers that create and manage content at scale, and help them to deliver better digital customer experiences all the way through the buyer journey... Welcome to the age of experiences!"     - Craig Wiltshire, MD at Struto. 







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