Digital Experiences To Power Your RevOps Strategy

RevOps works when your marketing, sales and service teams take a platform-driven approach to growing revenue. The StrutoSPHERE extends HubSpot to be a powerful part of that platform for growth.


Shape the lead nurturing experience.


Connect communities to your brand.


Personalise the self-service experience.


Control the message at scale.

CONNECTED Human Experiences

StrutoSPHERE. Extend your HubSpot CMS to create better digital experiences.

The StrutoSPHERE is a collection of web applications that extend HubSpot Enterprise CMS Hub to create portals that help your marketing, sales and service teams (RevOps) deliver personalised digital experiences to your prospects, leads, customers, partners or internal teams. Best of all, because it's built on HubSpot, you get to use all the HubSpot tools you know and love to track and measure engagement across the StrutoSPHERE.

Give your revops team control

Control the experience.

StrutoSPHERE extends your HubSpot platform to help your RevOps team take control of the buying experience.

Your RevOps strategy suffers because the modern buying experience is:

  • Filled with a seemingly random array of touchpoints
  • Friction-heavy and disconnected
  • Inconsistent and therefore lacking in repeatability
  • Often offsite and out of your control
  • Hard to measure

Your RevOps team cannot deliver predictable growth unless they take control of the platform and, therefore, the buying experience.

Your brand story and values

Control the narrative.

When your RevOps team controls the buying experience, they control the narrative; when they control the narrative, they control the engagements with your brand.

Your RevOps team will be able to create personalised:

  • Nurturing experiences that tell your brand story to accelerate your sales
  • Self-service experiences that align with your brand values and fulfil brand promises to delight your customers
  • Learning experiences that allow them to deliver consistent messaging at scale
  • Communities that they manage and engage with to bring offsite engagement onsite

Your RevOps team can live your brand promises and tell your brand story consistently.

create experiences that grow revenue

Control the outcomes.

With your RevOps team in control of the platform, they control the narrative and the outcomes.  We’ll help your RevOps team create better digital experiences so that you scale better. 

Scaling better means creating predictable growth by bringing your people, platform and processes together so that you:


Attract target accounts and convert more, better-fit leads


Engage and nurture leads to shorten sales cycles


Close bigger deals


Delight your customers to spin your RevOps flywheel faster

Better digital experiences built on Hubspot


The StrutoSPHERE is four web applications built on HubSpot Enterprise CMS Hub. 
They work independently of each other but also work together to supercharge your RevOps strategy and spin your growth flywheel.


Learn better. A learning management system that allows you to train and onboard your employees or customers using video and slides. Deliver consistent messages at scale.

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Engage better. A community management portal that allows you to engage and connect your brand with your customers at scale in a digital space you manage and control.

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Nurture better. Create a personalised lead nurturing resource centre for target accounts to support your ABM campaigns using your content resources more effectively. 

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Serve better. Create personalised customer, partner or employee portals. Share ERP data, track service tickets, and take or make payments. Use your data to power the customer experience.

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Better Control. Better growth.

Supercharge your HubSpot platform to power your RevOps strategy and start your path to predictable growth

Step 01 - We’ll build a platform-driven roadmap to success together

We'll work with your RevOps team and fellow stakeholders to determine which components of the StrutoSPHERE are right for your business. We aim to power up your growth strategy and determine the budget allocated to each roadmap stage. Each component of the StrutoSPHERE has out-of-the-box base functionality, but the real power comes from customising the deployment to meet your customers' needs.

Step 02 - Design and Brand

We’ll work with you on any custom requirements you may require and update your portal to meet your brand guidelines.

Step 03 Customise and Deploy

We’ll develop any customisations required and deploy your components of the StrutoSPHERE to your HubSpot portal. 

Step 04 - Adopt and Embed

We’ll help you understand how to get the most from your StrutoSPHERE application access to our team of experts.

Step 05 - Optimise

We are committed to continuously enhancing your StrutoSPHERE application by granting you access to upcoming features and developing new functionalities tailored specifically for you.

Solution Support

We provide access to our support desk to answer any first-line queries you may have.

80% Video

Now that you've told the user what may happen if they don't buy, it's time to tell them what will happen if they do.

This section should answer, "What value will customers receive if they do business with us?"

This is an excellent place to include the solution process plan.

"Immediately, Struto took an interest, not just in the deliverable, but in our vision and strategic intent. They feel nothing like a vendor and everything like a trusted IT partner with their out-of-the-box thinking and technical savviness"

Kate Wellner

Kate Wellner,
Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer, Tourney Direct

Innovative HubSpot automation for USA-based sports event organisation

Tourney Direct turned to Struto to assist them in a period of digital transformation; to automate much of their business operations and digitalise processes. The sequential projects were conducted with growth-driven design methodology in mind to allow for maximum business continuity.

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Most engagements with us follow a simple 4 step process

How to engage Struto. Start here today.

Step 01

Talk to an advisor. Set up a call with one of our advisory team to gather your initial requirements, close any gaps in your buyer journey so far and plan our next engagement.

Step 02

Conduct a deep dive. We’ll get the right people from our team on a call with you and your key stakeholders to unpack and capture your requirements in more detail.

Step 03

Build a Roadmap. Our product owners will build a roadmap to your success. They’ll estimate the outputs as epics and user stories with estimated budgets and timeframes.

Step 04

Agree Commercials. We agree the roadmap and sign the statement of work that outlines the spirit of our engagement, the budget and number of sprints estimated to deliver the work.

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