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Blockchain Software Provider Implements HubSpot with Struto Consultancy

Ryan Waters | 12 January 2024

A software solutions organisation that specialises in blockchain infrastructure for the decentralised web has been working in partnership with Struto since 2021. They have a development team in-house and lean on Struto for the HubSpot side of things, creating a mutual harmony between the two companies who speak each other’s language.


Founded by blockchain pioneers, Struto's client provides blockchain infrastructure for decentralised web and is now a team of 260+ in 44 countries. The global enterprise software solutions organisation works with open-source teams, NGOs, startups, and enterprises to harness the power of blockchain for a wide range of applications and ever-changing market needs.



Struto's client came to them via a recommendation from HubSpot themselves in November 2021. The client had an unconventional way of using HubSpot and were looking for help with adopting and embedding the software into their business. The initial projects required HubSpot customisation, implementation, solution architecture, and training to get their teams up and running.

Due to the success of the project and at the client's request for long-term HubSpot consultancy, they were thereafter upgraded onto a retainer which is still in place today.

“A brilliant client, they have great relationships across the team. There is an open, communicative dynamic across the two companies that made the sales and project delivery processes effortless” 

- Jeremy Williamson, Head of Sales and Account Management




Struto conducted a series of consultancy and strategic services to fulfil the client's requirements. The team offered support for technical HubSpot specialities from a development perspective, including:

Strategy and planning – developing a roadmap of services and touchpoints relating to the brief.

Data migration – 18 Gmail user accounts with three years of legacy data to migrate into their HubSpot CRM. 

Onboarding support – the team and broader departments were onboarded with a phased approach to integrating HubSpot in daily workflows. Including configuration, customisation and preparation of the solution to include best-practice.

Success management – repeat analysis of processes and tools ensuring the embedding of HubSpot is in line with the strategic goals of the business and its departments.

The client had a lot of disparate systems, and we needed to consolidate their systems for a holistic tech stack to provide a centralised view of the customer.

Tech stack graphic-min


The syncing between systems wasn’t always easy. There was an email parser that was initially created to extract data, and complexity was generated from having two HubSpot portals with communication required between both.


Due to the blockchain software industry that the client operates in, they employ very strict security policies which naturally, provide an added layer of intricacy. To facilitate their requirement to not leverage third-party integrations, Struto implemented custom-coded workflows to activate API requests internally in the platform. With prior experience operating in sensitive situations, Struto are accustomed to performing integrations with compliancy of ISO 27001 and following strict security policies and procedures.


Outcome and results:  

Through Struto’s partnership with the client, now spanning several years,  a long-standing and successful working relationship has been established with two companies who speak each other’s language and trust in one another’s judgement and capabilities.

Through the work that has been performed together so far, multiple teams within the client organisation have now been empowered to use the HubSpot platform in their own bespoke way; offering them additional value in their adoption of HubSpot to suit their unique business requirements.


The client's technology stack is no longer disparate, but aligned and integrated. The effects of which include lean operations, minimising digital waste and a streamlining of their software of choice to offer a more improved user experience.

The client's target audience is not necessarily comprised of buyers but adopters of their software solutions. Struto performed the successful migration of their legacy data, ensuring no loss of information, and thereafter improved the communications and experiences that the organisation offer this key audience segment.


As a result of implementing HubSpot within their tech stack, we’ve enabled this software solutions provider to be self-sufficient, with the potential of scaling their business as a direct result of their marketing and sales journey automation within HubSpot. These integrated customer journeys now identify and support the uptake of their proprietary solutions.


“I’m proud to work with our client in providing them value via our consultancy with HubSpot. They are rapid users, with the technical expertise to match. Considering the industry they operate in, this organisation is complex, but as people they are easy to work with and have become fully involved in our activities for a much more mutually beneficial partnership”

– Ryan Waters, Strategist at Struto.



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