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Optimise Your Operations with a HubSpot and Orderwise Integration

Nsovo Shimange | 21 May 2024

In the digital age, the distinctions between online and offline business operations are increasingly blurred. Integrating platforms like HubSpot, a frontrunner in customer relationship management, with Orderwise, a leader in ERP solutions, epitomises this convergence.

This article explores why and how integrating these tools not only bridges the gap between digital and physical realms but also enhances operational efficiency and customer engagement.

As we take a more detailed look into this integration, we'll see how it effectively unites every facet of business operations, ensuring that data flows seamlessly and decisions can now be better informed and made timeously.

Hubspot x Orderwise

Understanding HubSpot and Orderwise

HubSpot is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed to assist businesses in managing customer interactions, marketing automation, sales pipelines, and service operations efficiently. It is renowned for its ability to streamline customer engagement through various integrated tools that nurture leads and foster customer loyalty.

On the other hand, Orderwise provides an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that focuses on optimising processes such as inventory management, warehouse operations, and overall business logistics.

Together, these softwares allow businesses to bridge the gap between customer relations and back-end operations, creating a cohesive ecosystem that can dynamically respond to customer needs and business demands.


The Benefits of a HubSpot and Orderwise Integration

Integrating HubSpot with Orderwise provides a multitude of benefits that can fundamentally enhance business operations:

  • Enhanced data accuracy and visibility: By syncing HubSpot's CRM data with Orderwise's ERP system, businesses ensure real-time updates across both platforms, reducing the risk of data errors.
  • Streamlined operations: Integration eliminates the need for manual data entry between systems, saving time and reducing operational costs.
  • Improved customer experience: With a unified view of customer interactions and order history, businesses can offer more personalised service, anticipate customer needs, and respond more quickly to inquiries and issues.
  • Increased sales and marketing synergy: Sales and marketing teams can work more cohesively by having access to the same data.
  • Better inventory and supply chain management: Orderwise's detailed inventory data, when integrated with HubSpot, provides sales teams with up-to-date information on stock levels, leading to more accurate sales forecasting and inventory management.

Overall, integrating HubSpot with Orderwise not only streamlines various aspects of a business but also provides a robust foundation for scalable growth.

Orderwise x Hubspot Integration infographic

The Best Time to Integrate

Determining the optimal time to integrate HubSpot with Orderwise depends on several factors specific to each business. Here are some key indicators that it might be the right time for your organisation to consider this integration:

    • Business growth: As your business expands, managing data across platforms can become increasingly complex. Integration can simplify these processes, making scaling smoother.
    • Data management challenges: If you're experiencing issues like data silos or inaccuracies, integration can provide a unified view of customer and operational data, improving both efficiency and decision-making.
    • Need for unified reporting: Integrating these tools can enhance analytical capabilities and provide deeper insights into your business metrics.


Understanding the Implementation Environment

The integration of HubSpot with Orderwise can be implemented in various environments, depending on your business's specific needs and technological infrastructure:

  1. Cloud-Based Solutions: Many businesses prefer cloud environments due to their scalability, ease of access, and lower upfront costs. Both HubSpot and Orderwise offer cloud-based options that can be integrated seamlessly.
  2. On-Premise Solutions: For businesses requiring greater control over their data and systems due to regulatory requirements or personal preference, on-premise integration is also possible.
  3. Hybrid Models: Some businesses might opt for a hybrid approach, where certain critical data or operations are managed on-premise, while others are handled in the cloud.

Choosing the right environment for integration involves considering factors like data security, accessibility, cost, and IT infrastructure.

Using ERP

Implementing the Integration

At Struto, our approach to integrating HubSpot with Orderwise is tailored to ensure a seamless and efficient process that aligns with your business objectives:

  1. Initial Consultation: We start by understanding your specific needs, workflows, and expected outcomes. This helps us tailor the integration to fit your unique business needs.
  2. System Audit and Mapping: Our team conducts a thorough audit of your existing systems to identify key data points and processes. We then map out how these will integrate between HubSpot and Orderwise, ensuring data consistency and flow.
  3. Custom Integration Development: Leveraging our expertise in both platforms, we develop a custom integration solution. This might involve using existing APIs, our in-house middleware solution, CORE, or sometimes developing bespoke connections.
  4. Testing and Validation: Before going live, we rigorously test the integration in a controlled environment to ensure everything works as expected. This phase helps identify and rectify any potential issues, ensuring a smooth transition.
  5. Training and Support: Post-integration, we provide comprehensive training for your team to navigate the new system effortlessly. We also offer ongoing support to handle any queries or adjustments you may need.

By following this methodical approach, we ensure that the integration not only meets but exceeds your expectations, enabling enhanced operational efficiency and customer engagement.

office setting


Integrating HubSpot with Orderwise is a step in the right direction towards streamlining your business operations, enhancing customer relationships, and boosting overall efficiency. By leveraging the strengths of both platforms, you can ensure a smoother workflow and more informed decision-making across your business.

If you're ready to take the next step, we are here to guide you through every part of the integration process. Don't hesitate to reach out to us to book a consultation and start transforming your business operations today. Let's make your system integration a success!

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