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HubSpot Objectives-Based Onboarding (OBO): What is it and Why do I Need it?

Estee Hall | 27 March 2024

POV: You’re new to HubSpot, about to cross the finish line and sign your contract on your HubSpot Pro or Enterprise package, and your sales rep recommends that you engage with a HubSpot Solutions Partner for Objectives-Based Onboarding (OBO).

Let's discuss why you need objectives-based onboarding and who you could choose to deliver these services.

Onboarding you to HubSpot

Many scenarios may affect your onboarding decision, so let’s dive into the details to unpack our OBO service at Struto and whether it’s the best solution for your onboarding requirements. 

OBO Blog image 2 Opt

So, what is OBO?

Objectives-Based-Onboarding (OBO) is a pre-defined, handholding process to guide you on how to use your HubSpot CRM - based on the specific objectives that you want to achieve. Our Platform Enablement Team at Struto bring their HubSpot expertise to empower you with the best practices to take ownership of your platform and ensure that it’s aligned with your objectives.

Your objectives are essentially your business goals or efforts around sales, marketing, service and overall operations. Think of your HubSpot portal as the place to manage your data and the relationship it has with your business processes.

After this Objective-Based Onboarding process, your team will be equipped with the knowledge of how to implement your CRM goals within HubSpot. OBO generally is best suited if you already have at least one HubSpot champion within your team to drive the change and implementation of your new system. Or at least one team member who has the time to dedicate towards becoming a HubSpot champion. As we all know, driving change within your team can be challenging. Therefore, having a “driver” as someone who is accountable and equipped with a well-planned roadmap including clearly defined objectives is essential for success.

OBO business image opt

How can we help you?

Onboarding is the first step to becoming platform-driven. The Struto Platform Enablement Team provide a robust OBO service to set you up for success at the beginning of your HubSpot journey. We are here to work with you to identify your CRM goals and objectives - if you need configuration of your portal done for you in order to make sure your platform is built for purpose, we can complete that service for you too. 

Join the success of previous companies who have been through Struto's onboarding process:

We've recently partnered with the accessible holidays provider, Limitless Travel, to provide objectives-based-onboarding. Learn more about their migration to HubSpot from their previous CRM, Insightly. They also underwent a high volume data migration, including CRM implementation, and training services with the Struto team to set them up for success on HubSpot. 

Another successful HubSpot onboarding project is that of GoGlobal, an international employer of record (EOR) and HR services organisation. They made a software saving of USD $20K per annum with their CRM migration from Dynamics to HubSpot - Read more about their tech stack consolidation project here.




“As one of the UK's longest-standing partners, we are experts at maximising the value of the HubSpot platform and building an integrated growth stack that brings your business, operational and technical requirements to life, and creates a 360˚ view of your customer to help your teams do more.”

- Craig Wiltshire, Managing Director at Struto

We often get asked to drive CRM Implementation for clients who perhaps don’t currently have the expertise or resources in-house. This is where our Platform Enablement Team get more involved from a hands-on approach - assisting you in implementing and driving the CRM plan and processes. This is the fundamental difference between OBO and CRM Implementation. Learn more about the differences in our article; Objective Based Onboarding vs. CRM Implementation

You are the ideal OBO customer if you tick these boxes

Checkbox icon with tick OptSME – you are a small team operating the business, but you have technical knowledge and resources to configure and implement new software.

Checkbox icon with tick OptIn-house implementation personnel - You require initial onboarding and guidance from a Solutions Partner to springboard your HubSpot adoption process, but you are equipped to execute the implementation of the roadmap in-house.

Checkbox icon with tick OptHubSpot Champion - You ideally have an internal HubSpot Champion(s) who will run with the CRM adoption, implementation, strategy and management.

Checkbox icon with tick OptStrategy - You already have clearly defined objectives for your HubSpot journey.


Examples of onboarding objectives

Marketing objectives:
  • Measure traffic and understand results
  • Capture, convert & engage your leads
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Generate more website traffic
  • Automate and personalise your marketing
Sales objectives:
  • Import & organise your data
  • Collect payments in HubSpot
  • Accelerate your sales efforts
  • Managing large sales teams
  • Configure, price & quote
  • Report on your team's performance
  • Automate your sales process
Service objectives:
  • Measure & improve customer experience
  • Help customers help themselves
  • Quantify and visualise your results
  • Set up your help desk
Objectives-Based Onboarding vs CRM Implementation vs Training

OBO table Opt

The OBO process – what to expect

OBO Process Image 2 opt

From the initial kick-off call to the project wrap-up, you’ll benefit from our expertise to onboard your team to HubSpot. We aim to tailor your training to meet your specific goals and objectives, helping you to build a strong foundation as you embark on your HubSpot journey.

You need to bear in mind that OBO does come with certain limitations. The aim is to meet your immediate objectives and may overlook the potential for long-term scalability or the integration of advanced features that could be beneficial in the future. This is where our team could step in after the OBO project to provide additional enhancements as your business grows and evolves. Learn more about Objective-Based Onboarding and our processes in our in-depth blog about OBO.


As a trusted and experienced HubSpot Solutions Partner, we are here to provide expert knowledge and guidance. We are focused on assisting you to make an informed decision when it comes to the right solution(s) to plan and implement an effective CRM roadmap for your business. We realise that the power of HubSpot brings new tools and possibilities, but with it also comes a myriad of questions and choices.

We hope this article has shed some light on the decision required for the most suitable onboarding route for your team. Feel free to get in touch with one of our HubSpot experts to chat further on all routes to HubSpot onboarding. 






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