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Better Integration. Better Platform.

Data is the lifeblood of any business because it is integral to every aspect of operations, decision-making, and strategic planning. Too often, however, data is siloed in different systems and managed by disconnected teams. Struto CORE changes everything by synchronising data across disparate systems.

Right Data.

Choose which data is sent between systems and in which direction.

Right Time.

Surface data when your users or your customers need it.

Right Place.

Decide where you want data to be accessed from and how.

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Right Way.

Secure, Enterprise-class hosting in the cloud or on-premise.

Struto CORE breaks down data silos and give your people access to data when and where they need it.

Struto CORE is middleware that integrates HubSpot with your business systems. It helps synchronise data across different systems, enabling your RevOps team to create better digital experiences for your people and customers by removing friction from your internal marketing, sales, or service operational workflows.

  • Old way
    New way
  • Data is in disparate systems, siloed and inaccessible to users who need it unless they work in a specific department.
    Siloes are broken down as data is synchronised in a controlled way between systems.
  • Users inefficiently switch between systems to complete operational tasks.
    Users continue to use their primary software as data is made accessible in the tool without switching apps.
  • Users need to input the same information in different places in order to keep records up to date.
    Users can update the records from any system without the need for double entry.
  • Front-office users access different systems to back-office users, duplicating data management efforts.
    Front-office users are empowered to update data across the organisation from their primary system.
  • No one trusts the data in your business, and decision-making suffers as a result.
    Data is updated in near realtime across systems meaning everyone has access to the latest data.
  • You can't rely on the data to create better end-to-end customer experiences so your flywheel is friction-heavy.
    Your data empowers your RevOps team to help users serve customers more effectively.

Struto CORE Integrates HubSpot with just about anything.

Struto CORE helps your teams surface the right data at the right time in the right place, anywhere, throughout the marketing, sales, and service delivery lifecycle and beyond to your back office systems.


StrutoCORE is cloud-based middleware developed by Struto and managed by our ISO 27001-compliant network security partners. We offer StrutoCORE as on-premise software should your organisation require it configured to meet your own compliance standards.

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HubSpot to HubSpot

Connect primary and secondary HubSpot portals to child portals.

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HubSpot to SAP

A customisable connector for SAP Business One, Business ByDesign or S/4Hana.

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HubSpot to Salesforce

A fully customisable connector for bespoke integrations.

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HubSpot to MS Dynamics

A fully customisable connector for bespoke integrations.

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HubSpot to Netsuite

A fully customisable connector for bespoke integrations.

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HubSpot to Sage

A customisable connector for Sage 50, 100, 200, 200C and X3.

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HubSpot to Xero

A fully customisable connector for bespoke integrations

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HubSpot to CreditSafe

Surface credit information inside HubSpot on a card against a record.

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HubSpot to any SQL

A fully customisable connector for any application that uses SQL.

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HubSpot to Azure

A customisable connector for any application that uses Azure endpoints.

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HubSpot to REST API

A flexible, customisable integration to connect to any REST API.

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Can't Find It?

You may be a fit for Project Nebula, our programme for developing new connectors.

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elite HubSpot partner

Built for HubSpot first

The Struto development team created CORE to become the top choice for integrating applications with HubSpot. 

  • We've been integrating HubSpot for over three years and, as pioneers, have learned the hard way so you do not have to. 
  • Our team holds all HubSpot accreditations and certifications, a testament to our unwavering dedication and deep expertise in HubSpot.
  • Working with us means you can access our collection of HubSpot recipes, which are pre-configured functional solutions designed to accelerate your integration.

We Hold Every HubSpot Accreditation

CRM Implementation Accredited
Custom Integration Accredited
Solutions Architecture Design Accredited
Onboarding Accredited
HubSpot Data Migration Accredited
Platform Enablement Accredited

in the cloud or on-premise

Flexible deployment options

The Struto team can deploy your CORE instance to support your security posture or compliance requirements. We can deploy CORE in 4 ways:

  • As a secure multi-tenanted cloud instance for companies that do not have high-performance overhead requirements.
  • As a secure single-tenanted cloud instance for companies with high performance or specific security requirements.
  • On-premise for companies who wish to manage the security and compliance of CORE within their data centre.
  • As a locked-down hardware appliance deployed within your infrastructure, where we manage it.

secure and scalable

Enterprise-class solution available to everyone

CORE is built with security in mind from the ground up and designed to flex and scale as your business requirements change. 

  • Integrate multiple disparate systems through a single instance of CORE.
  • CORE will process your data but won't store it unless you require us to.
  • The CORE cloud infrastructure is managed by an ISO 27001-certified team that uses state-of-the-art security technology.
  • CORE is hosted on scalable cloud infrastructure in a highly available configuration.
  • Access monitoring, logging, and alerts to always understand the status of your integration.

phased implementation

Decrease time to value

It is important that you realise value from your CORE integration quickly. That's why we will first synchronise standard HubSpot data using our prebuilt connectors before customising aspects of your integration, allowing you to benefit from our experience.

  • CORE features out-of-the-box synchronisation of standard HubSpot objects like Contacts or Companies.
  • Prebuilt recipes allow us to accelerate value. Recipes are powerful configuration combinations we see being deployed time and time again.
Customised to your business-v2-min

fits your business

Customised to your business

Working with Struto means that we can customise aspects of your integration to fit your business requirements. We'll:

  • Add custom objects to synchronise non-standard HubSpot data.

  • Provide options to transform data in the cloud based on the rules you create.

  • Enable reactive (event-driven) synchronisation or proactive synchronisation, depending on your needs.

  • Adjust the frequency of synchronisation across your integration pipelines based on business requirements.

Want to know more?
Talk to one of our advisors.

Talk to an advisor

"Struto's team displayed a high level of professionalism and kept us well-informed with clear communication. Their pace of work was commendable, and they were always responsive to our queries and concerns. Based on the positive experience we had, we decided to start a second project with them. I would gladly recommend Struto to other companies seeking reliable HubSpot customisation and onboarding services."

Joe Rugg

Program Manager | MEPS International

"Immediately, Struto took an interest, not just in the deliverable, but in our vision and strategic intent. They feel nothing like a vendor and everything like a trusted IT partner with their out-of-the-box thinking and technical savviness"

Kate Wellner

Co-Owner and COO | Tourney Direct

“Struto are always trying their best to help us be our best. I’ve worked with some agencies where you feel like they’re just ticking the box. I don’t ever feel like that with Struto.“

Gill Power

Senior Marketing Executive | Cherwell Laboratories

"The expertise and dedication of Struto has been instrumental in transforming the way we manage our customer relationships"

John Miller

Program Manager | Quiddity Health

Next Steps

Let's make your platform better by using Struto CORE to integrate your systems

By adopting Scrum, we have built our technology deployment and services around an agile methodology. Scrum allows us to guide you through an integration deployment roadmap while balancing your priorities and giving you control of the budget.

Our team aims to set up your base configuration first by synchronising standard HubSpot objects so that you can quickly extract value from your investment. Then, they will continue the deployment by connecting custom objects and running data transformations.

Talk to an advisor.

Set up a call with one of our advisory team members to gather your initial requirements, close any gaps in your buyer journey, and better understand your business so we can resource a deeper dive with the right stakeholders from each party.

Conduct a deep dive.

We’ll get the right product owner and solution architect from our team on a call with you and your key stakeholders to unpack and capture your requirements in more detail. This is your chance to share your business goals and broader objectives.

Build a roadmap.

Our product owners will build a roadmap to your success. They’ll create epics and user stories outlining the core deliverables with estimated budgets and timelines. Remember that we run Scrum and can be flexible on deliverables as you control the budget.

Agree commercials.

We agree on the roadmap and sign an agreement that captures the spirit of our engagement, the budget, and the estimated number of sprints to deliver the work. Then we get busy deploying your integration and working in sprints, and you have the peace of mind that you control the budget.

80% Video

Now that you've told the user what may happen if they don't buy, it's time to tell them what will happen if they do.

This section should answer, "What value will customers receive if they do business with us?"

This is an excellent place to include the solution process plan.

"Immediately, Struto took an interest, not just in the deliverable, but in our vision and strategic intent. They feel nothing like a vendor and everything like a trusted IT partner with their out-of-the-box thinking and technical savviness"

Kate Wellner

Kate Wellner,
Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer, Tourney Direct

Innovative HubSpot automation for USA-based sports event organisation

Tourney Direct turned to Struto to assist them in a period of digital transformation; to automate much of their business operations and digitalise processes. The sequential projects were conducted with growth-driven design methodology in mind to allow for maximum business continuity.

Read the story read_more_icon

Want to know more?
Talk to one of our advisors.

Talk to an advisor